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  • Brand: Merrithew
  • Theme: Fitness
  • UPC: 690650062239
  • Item #: 1751628X
  • Available Date: 7/7/2016
  • Model Number: ST-06223
Fitness Accessories 
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MERRITHEW Stability Ball Base

Turn your Stability Ball into a chair to tighten core muscles while you use the computer or watch TV. The Stability Ball Base can be used with any size of Stability Ball, or on its own for a broad range of workout options. Lightweight and easy to use, the Stability Ball Base has holes for adding stretch bands or exercise tubing for a broader range of workout options. Stability Ball sold separately.

  • Work your core at the office or in front of the TV
  • Use to stabilize your exercise ball during workouts
  • Fits any ball 45 cm wide or greater
  • Lightweight and stable

Reduce Back Pain with Active Sitting Back pain is often the result of weak stabilizing muscles. Using a Stability Ball™ as a chair is an effective way to rehabilitate and prevent back pain as it strengthens the deep stabilizing muscles that support the spine. As your joints and muscles react to keep you balanced in a sitting position, those abdominals are fired up, challenging the core while stabilizing the spine.

Keep the blood flowing while you sit Maintaining balance during active sitting, drives the heart to pump blood a bit faster than sedentary sitting and the blood vessels in the legs and hips open up increasing blood flow further. Better blood flow drives more oxygen gets to the brain which keeps the mind sharp and focused.


  • Heavy, durable plastic

Cleaning & Care

  • Using a diluted mixture of water and tea tree oil, wipe the base clean.
  • For more persistent dirt, use a mixture of soap and water.
  • Ensure base is dry before using.

Storing & Handling

  • This lightweight and portable base is easy to store & carry
  • 4 easy-snap sections make it simple to assemble
  • Keep away from heat sources


Diameter: 48 cm (18.9")

Height: 7.6 cm (3")