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  • Brand: Merrithew
  • Theme: Fitness
  • UPC: 690650062253
  • Item #: 1926467X
  • Available Date: 5/1/2017
  • Model Number: ST-06225
Fitness Accessories 
Price: $21.60
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MERRITHEW Yoga Block for Kids (Orange)

Our Yoga Blocks for Kids are made from kid-safe, non-toxic and formamide-free materials and the size of the Blocks are perfect for small hands! Using a Yoga block can add balance, support and comfort to a kids' Yoga practice.

  • Develop mind-body awareness early
  • Build strong, flexible bodies that ward off injury and illness
  • Manage stress through breathing and focus
  • Increase confidence and self-esteem

Boost Confidence & Esteem

Mind-body exercise can help instill a sense of confidence in your child. By encouraging kids to persevere, be patient, and work towards mastering a pose, you can instill self-esteem and a healthy work ethic. Mindful movement can help establish compassion, mindfulness, focus, strength, and flexibility in our little ones.

Build Strong Bodies & Healthy Development

Mind-body exercise for kids is often considered pre-habilitation, a proactive activity that builds strong, healthy bodies equipped to ward off injury and illness. Talk about the muscles being used during exercise with children to build strength while establishing body awareness and coordination. Small bodies that are strong digest food better, maintain a healthy weight and are better equipped to carry heavy loads, like knapsacks. Bodies also breathe better, work more efficiently and protect fragile joints

Mindbody Exercise May Help Kids with Special Needs

Mind-body exercise is beneficial for children of all ages, but studies show it is particularly helpful for kids with special needs such as autism and ADHD. A survey of teachers who have incorporated daily mind-body exercise in classrooms of autistic children experienced a reduction in aggression, antisocialism and hyperactivity.


  • Kid-safe and non-toxic
  • Made from formamide-free foam

Care & Cleaning

  • Keep this block happy, simply wipe with a cloth dampened with soap and water as needed. Allow blocks to fully dry before using.

Storing & Handling

  • Improper or careless use may lead to injuries. Only complete safe, pain-free exercises.
  • Ensure kids maintain control of their blocks at all times while exercising
  • Keep away from heat sources
  • Do not use if block appears damaged.
  • Tuck it away in a dry spot out of direct sunlight.


Length: 22cm (8.75")

Width: 10.5cm (4.15")

Height: 7.6cm (3")