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  • Artist: Midwestern Mike
  • UPC: 707541250498
  • Item #: CDBY125049
  • Genre: Folk
  • Release Date: 9/28/2010
  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $10.78
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Inhibitors on CD

Family can be one of the most beautiful concepts known to man: church on Sunday, money in the bank, catch in the yard- idealisms that have enticed mankind with a built-in primal order. Yet on the other side of the dining room wall, family can be a frightening constitution: alcoholism, adultery, divorce, emptiness- realisms that are often overlooked and profoundly avoided to keep these fragile balances in place. Often a delicate subject matter, family is what we all know and rely on as the central motivation shaping our paths. Mike Midwestern's "Inhibitors", his first official full-length, is an allegory about what it is like to have the unknown become, well, known. Principally dealing with family values, religion, and fatherhood, "Inhibitors" ten tracks are a testament to how we fall, lift ourselves, and eventually find our own roots. Written from his own deep experiences, Mike explores the death and re-birth of a family, all while finding balance. Although not necessarily a huge religious statement, "Inhibitors" metaphorically questions the ideologies of religion, exploring new variations and sentiments while sparking new questions. It's about searching through your beliefs and knowing with whatever answers you happen to find, it is part of your tapestry. On the musical side, "Inhibitors" is simply a smart record that does not stick to one specific formula, yet never wavers from the principles that are embraced by excellent songwriting. Mike called on a close circle of friends to help turn the basic skeletons of his songs into a collection of genuine arrangements to match the sincerity of the lyrics. The record has a wise congruency, a truthful core, vibrant storytelling, and attractive melodies to keep the listener engaged. The songs are a stolen page from Mike Midwestern's book but when garnished by a flourishing of strings, piano, and creative backbeats, they become something more astonishing. "Inhibitors" is a record about the imbalance of life, love, family, and everything in between. Diversely structured and gorgeously penned, it is a testament to what we can do when we are inspired, no matter what it is that inspires us to create.