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We Have Liftoff
  • Artist: Mike Ringler
  • UPC: 884502257021
  • Item #: CDBY225702
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 11/10/2009
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  • Rank: 1000000000
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We Have Liftoff on CD

With the coming of November 2009, Mike releases his fifth and most astonishing album yet; 'We Have Liftoff'. Recording digitally for the first time, Mike presents fans with a stunning collection of twelve new tracks, once again displaying his extensive talents as composer, musician, and singer in ways that continue to garner attention both here and overseas. Of course, Mike wrote all songs, played all instruments, and sang all vocals, while handling recording duties as well. Note that 'In Their Own Write', one of the tracks from the new album, was written by Mike as the title track for a 'bonus CD' included with the wonderful new book: 'john lennon: in their own write' by Judith Furedi, whose first book on John met with critical acclaim. With a broad array of songs ranging from the explosive first track 'So Called Fan' to the Beatlesque flavor of 'Come Walk With Me', 'In Their Own Write', 'Look Up At The Rainbow', and 'Tears Of Peace', along with the deeply touching narrative tale of 'Inside The Light', 'Mike's fans will surely be reminded of why they fell in love with his music in the first place: meaningful lyrics, uniquely structured music, and of course, Mike's 'Lennon-spirited' voice. Mike's biting and insightful observations about the world around him are also clearly on display in tracks like 'You're Free To Go' and 'Mommy And Daddy'. 'A Dream Left Behind', a 'Steely Dan-flavored' track that finds Mike in somewhat different territory than he usually travels, speaks to the consequences of unspoken feelings. And in case anyone needs to be reminded of Mike's love for the 'heavier' side of rock, just one listen to 'Comfort Zone' will be all it takes. January 2010: So far a total of four tracks from 'We Have Liftoff' have received airplay on stations in Canada, England, and Texas USA. March 2010: Four tracks from 'We Have Liftoff' are now in regular rotation on Clarkson University's acclaimed radio station. May 2010: 'Congratulations, albeit belatedly, on another fine album... definitely your strongest and most accomplished to date. As the title suggests, both the production values and the performances have been lifted to a new level, especially with the drums and bass, where you have achieved a sound that I would be proud of. In terms of the songwriting, again you have raised your game and I really like the use of counter-melodies/Beatlesy backing vocals (e.g. 'Mommy and Daddy').' Simon Felton - President/Founder of Pink Hedgehog Records UK All in all, 'We Have Liftoff' is an album to be reckoned with, one that is sure to open the eyes and ears of many new fans of Mike Ringler and his music. Since 2005, at least fifteen of Mike's recordings have received airplay on commercial, community, and internet radio stations in Australia, Canada, England, Germany, Italy, and the United States. One of his songs, "Thanks To You", was featured on a charity CD produced by the British radio show "BeatlesandBeyond" in support of "Adopt-A-Landmine" and "Diabetes UK", and four of his own versions of Beatles songs were recently included by an Illinois radio station on their "promotional" two CD 40th anniversary tribute to the "White Album". From 2006-2008, Mike was a featured artist on the website of "Beatles Brunch", the Sunday morning radio show carried by over 150 stations in North America. With an ever-increasing support base, including his fans both here and abroad, the amazing British recording artist Peter Lacey, the gracious and incredibly dedicated "BeatlesandBeyond" radio show host Pete Dicks, and the fantastic Jamie Hoover of The Spongetones, Mike's new album "Note-ified" is certain to have others sit up and take notice. Re: "Note-ified" June 2009 "'s simultaneously American with distinctive British references, and polished, yet with a home-made warmth..." Simon Felton President (and critically acclaimed pop recording artist) Pink Hedgehog Records UK.