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That's What I Do
  • Artist: Missouri Mile
  • UPC: 884502484281
  • Item #: SRD248428
  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: 10/12/2010
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That's What I Do on CD

Sheila and Sheena Orf grew up in the small town of Josephville, MO. From years of listening to their Father's country music band in the local taverns, Sheila and Sheena were exposed to classic country music, talented musicians, and great songs. From the very beginning, they were inspired to become performers, and they followed that dream. At the age of 18, the older sister Sheila moved to Nashville to pursue her talent and try her hand at songwriting. It was in Nashville that Sheila made contact with several music row executives who would eventually play an important role in satisfying her aspirations to become a songwriter. One of these first contacts for Sheila was Chris Dubois at ASCAP, whose encouragement solidified her belief that she had the talent to make it happen. Sheila had always kept a watchful eye on her younger sister's progress as a singer, and when she felt Sheena was ready, she brought Sheena to town to visit and introduced her to Dubois who instantly recognized her talent as well. Once again, he encouraged them to continue working on their songs and their sound. It wasn't long after that visit that Sheena made the move to Nashville, where she joined with her older sister to combine their creative styles to become the vocal duo "Missouri Mile". Through the connection they made with Dubois at ASCAP, they met John Briggs, another membership representative at ASCAP who further mentored and encouraged them to move forward with their songwriting and their artistry. In March of 2008, Briggs submitted the duo's material to an upcoming ASCAP workshop, which songwriter and producer Byron Hill had been asked by ASCAP to lead. After submission of their material, they were selected to be included as students in the workshop. At the end of each week's session during the workshop, members of the class would perform a song. Byron's reaction to their song was overshadowed by his reaction to their sound. It was obvious to Byron that they had something, so he invited the duo to come play live for him in his studio. Sheila and Sheena only planned on playing a couple of songs that day, but Byron asked them to continue playing one after another. It was the beginning of good things for Missouri Mile as they spent the next two years working with Byron, writing songs and further developing their unique, yet traditional-rooted sound with Byron as their producer. "From the moment I first heard their songs, I knew Sheila and Sheena were special. Not only were their songs good and different, but Missouri Mile had a sound of their own, a sound that I knew listeners would latch onto and recognize as only them. That is a very valuable asset, and one that every producer looks for in an artist." -Nashville producer Byron Hill "I am a song, waiting to be sun, with your guitar, waiting to be strummed. I have the words, waiting to be spoken in love. I am a song, waiting to be sung." -from the song "I Am A Song" by Missouri Mile Missouri Mile proudly presents their debut CD: "That's What I Do", with hopes for many encores to come!