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Pale Glitter
  • Artist: Miwon
  • Label: City Centre Offices
  • UPC: 880918086125
  • Item #: SRD808612
  • Genre: Electronic
  • Release Date: 1/24/2006
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  • Rank: 1000000000
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Pale Glitter on CD

Berlin-based Hendrik Kroll: aka Miwon's debut full-length release. Kroz has been an active member of the Berlin-based electronic music scene for a very long time, and his hundreds of live P.A.s created a big fan base for his soulful electronic pop music. As the initiator of the already-legendary "laptop battles," he did important groundwork for the development of Berlin electronic music in general. After the release of his 12" Brother Mole, Miwon returns with Pale Glitter - one of the most perfect pop albums out there. Miwon embraces his long history of recording and experimenting with electronic music and merges it all into one big, irresistible wall of catchy sounds and tunes. "Hush" and the title track "Pale Glitter" are deep, minimal dance floor killers, while "When Angels Travel" drags the more experimental side of Miwon's sound out of the dark, and polishes it until they fit into this last-man-on-earth soundtrack. Then there is "No Need for Sanity," a remix Miwon did for Pia Fraus, a band from Estonia which has already made a big buzz in Japan. "Flakes" displays Miwon's devotion to heavy use of locked turntable grooves, and turns somewhat into a laptop lullaby. If you are looking for the essence of electronic pop, you do not have to look any further. The same can be said about "Vertizontale," proving Miwon's compatibility with the biggest venues on this planet, merging an old-school house-on them with U2-like guitars. Enough said. Enjoy the Pale Glitter.