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Let's Get Fruity
  • Artist: Mutual Kumquat
  • UPC: 700261303949
  • Item #: SRD130394
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 7/7/2010
  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $14.68
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Let's Get Fruity on CD

What shines through Mutual Kumquat is the quality of love -- unconditional, embracing love. It's underneath all their lyrics, it flows between them on stage, and it radiates outward to embrace their audience and their world. Mutual Kumquat is soul medicine for the individual, the community, and the earth. Listen! -Shawn Kirchner, Composer, Singer, Pianist, LaVerne, CA Seth Hendricks, Chris Good, Drue Gray, Ben Long and Jacob Jolliff make up Mutual Kumquat, a talented group of 3 singer-songwriters, a percussionist, and a mandolin virtuoso. Performing as a trio, 4-piece or full quintet, Mutual Kumquat has brought it's 'good times revolution music' to audiences across the United States, engaging audiences with positive, clever, and poignant lyrics, strong rhythms, rich harmonies, stick-in-your-head melodies and it's unique blend of acoustic roots music influenced by bluegrass, funk, jazz, soul, folk, reggae and afrobeat. Inspired by visions of radical, loving, creative communities living in MUTUAL relationship and the sweet yet tart, tiny but power-packed-with-flavor wonder fruit that is a KUMQUAT, the group was born. A wild journey has followed taking the group from 3 members up to 14, back again to 3, then to 7 and now settling on it's current lineup. 'Let's Get Fruity,' the band's most recent release marks the band's 10th anniversary with it's most polished and inspired album to date. Featuring the band's trademark dynamic vocals, poignant songwriting, and talented instrumentalists, the album captures the band at it's best--intimate, soulful, and encouraging of the listener to live life with passion, conviction, and love while staying true to one's self.