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The Ghosts of Yellowstone
  • Artist: Myra Pearce
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 700261240220
  • Item #: CDBY124022
  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: 4/18/2008
  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $15.20

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The Ghosts of Yellowstone on CD

This is not Myra Pearce's first rodeo. It is however the record that will set her apart and solidify who she is. Her music, her lyrics are real, her vocals are along the lines of golden. A real cowgirl, who raises colts on a ranch in Idaho, who once held the title of Miss Rodeo Washington. When she is not touring she is working horses. Myra was raised on a ranch, practically born in a saddle, so know before you even listen to the first note, your going to get the real thing, no fluff here. She has been described as a 'Western Connie Smith' enough so, that Connie Smith herself has noticed and paid close attention to what she has done on this record, 'The Ghosts Of Yellowstone.' Myra has been called by the folks in Nashville as the 'Bell Star' of the row. She is so kind to her fans, yet she has a certain brass about her for standing for what she believes in. When you hear her record, you too will believe. Myra has a ranch in Montana where it is easy to get in tune with the Cowboy Western Way of Life. She also lives in Nashville part of the year making the music business a little more assessable to her. When you listen to this record several things happen. You are pleasantly surprised when you hear Country & Western with no pop influence. You become emerged in the music. You find yourself wanting to hear different tracks again and again. Then she hits you with an old Jim Reeves cover that just blows the competition away. At the end, you find yourself thankful that you found her, that you found her music, and that she now has found you. You become thankful that a woman like Myra had the nerve to cut a record for the fans that is real, a record that FM radio would never embrace, because it is so real. There is good news in regards as to who will play her. You can hear her on western radio and XM. When Country Dan on XM heard the project he flipped. He said, 'Don't tell her but I think I have fallen in love with her.' She has that affect on those she meets. If she doesn't get ya with her sexy smile or eyes, then the music will. Either way, she is a God send and I thank God he gave her to us. It all boils down to this. God gives certain people certain talents. Some he pours out extra measures for certain things he wants done in this world. He will provide an avenue for that if we are patient. Though FM radio does not describe to good music and is more about money, than the music and people, 'The Ghosts Of Yellowstone' will be a record to stand the test of time. It will find it's way on to the airways.If your looking for golden, strong, emotional, truthful, ride hard cowgirl music, if your looking for a woman, not a kid, then saddle up with Myra. She will take you on a journey you will never forget. I'm a believer, and it takes a good record to do convert me. Royal Wade Kimes.