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Kids Stories By Sumu #1
  • Artist: Quinn Natalie
  • UPC: 884502759723
  • Item #: SRD275972
  • Genre: Children's
  • Release Date: 8/24/2010
  • This product is a special order
  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $16.76
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Kids Stories By Sumu #1 on CD

All three CDs called ' Kids Stories by SUMU' have great variety to captivate kids' attention. The voice lulls babies to sleep; the exciting experiences of the characters tweak grandparents as well as little kids: -age is not in the equation. Facts and fantasy are subtly melted together like a tasty cookie. CD#3 was first written for little ones to develop listening - - such as Daffy Dragon who was big and fearsome, but yearned for little animal friends, or Booty Hoo Hoo who liked to play in the dirt and much to her delight discovered an earthworm who turned out to be her friend she called Wiggy. The sound effects for the following two CDs, enhanced the stories so delightfully that we decided to add some special sounds to the original album. In all thirty- three stories, (eleven on each CD) each approximately 2 minutes long - the vital elements of characters, problems, and solutions definitely tugs at kids' shirtsleeves regarding problem solving, getting along with one another, and stretching their creative powers. These stories provide time and space for these young people to paint their own pictures and tell their own stories. One of my stories on CD#2 about The Old Oaks Tale . . . Claude and Clarissa, two-hundred -year- old oak trees, reminisce about all the animals they 'parented' and were planning a birthday party for themselves. This particular story had been brewing in my mind, since my granddaughter and I sat in an oak grove with dripping sensuous Spanish moss shimmering in the wind. I asked her what she thought they might be saying to one another. She was four at the time. Storytelling is so old that it's new to this generation. Listening is an art.