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Colour of Midnight
  • Artist: The New York Room
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479107740
  • Item #: SRD910774
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2/22/2005
Price: $13.18
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Colour of Midnight on CD

The Colour of Midnight is the sophomore release from The New York Room featuring the silken vocals of Sara Dellinger and 16 songs of dreampop, gothic and darkwave melancholy. While comparisons are inevitable the New York Room are wholly original, and if one must site influences, imagine combining the best of the Cocteau Twins, Enya, Siouxsie, Dead Can Dance and even Portishead. 'I can honestly say, that this band blew me away. The music, is profoundly moving. I haven't stopped listening to it, since I received it. There is not a weak cut, on this disc. This is the soundtrack for the after life, that is, if you're deserving of great reward. This is faint praise indeed, for a band that took me to a new place, altogether. A place, that I'll visit as often, as I can escape to it. Gentle reader, for your edification, I offer The New York Room.' --STARVOX (Internet Music Fanzine) 'The New York Room create delightful ethereal music complimented by soprano female vocals that seem to soar as if in the clouds...Much of the material is inspired from the Cocteau Twins ethereal sound with a darker edge, and the track that really stood out was The Wings Of Night. Overal The Colour Of Midnight is an enchanting release that is a pleasure to listen to.' --OUTBURN (California Music Fanzine) 'Every now and again a band like the New York Room appears and, although throwaway comparisons to the Cocteau Twins and All About Eve are accurate, they're also meaningless. Any band that can perform a gloriously ethereal track like 'The Gates of Heaven' in English and French, a dark Gothic version of the Rolling Stones classic 'Paint it Black' AND an operatic piece, 'O Mio Babbino Caro' without breaking a sweat, transcend comparisons and enter the realm of pure talent. Sara Dellinger has a beautiful voice that lifts you up into a dreamlike state, while the musicians weave a web of pure melody about her vocals.' --Sorted Magazine 'This work is filled with luscious beauty and hints of darkness. I am in love with this album. It is dreampop in places, and gothic and darkwave in others. What is most impressive are the touches of classical that are sprinkled throughout and Sara Dellinger has an amazing voice with great range...The 7' is just as nice as the album, with a lovely French version of the Rolling Stones 'Paint It Black.' This is so wonderful and highly recommended.' --NEURALGIA (Kasas City Fainzine)

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