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  • Artist: The New York Room
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 659696081628
  • Item #: SRD608162
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2/22/2005
Price: $13.19
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Courtesan on CD

Always on the cutting edge, The New York Room combines lyrical poetry with a mix of rock, Celtic, Gothic and ambient melodies to create a uniquely multi-layered and distinctive style. Hauntingly beautiful, each song is a finely crafted listening experience that both soothes and excites. Richly flavored with under currents of sensuality, both dark and light, you needn't be familiar with any particular genre to enjoy their music. The New York Room stands on it's own with a sound that is accessible and ageless, but fans of Evanescence, the Cocteau Twins and Enya will truly love this band Courtesan features the talents of 5 beautiful female voices and fans of the Hope Blister, This Mortal Coil, and even Massive Attack, should find much to enjoy here. There are 13 new compositions and one remix included on this collection of songs. The new album continues to showcase the groups many sensibilities and influences, including dreampop, trip-hop, gothic, new age, classical, jazz and industrial. 'Bringing a somewhat stylistically diverse musical blend to the table, The New York Room's Courtesan presents an ethereal/darkwave sound marked by angelic female vocals and keyboard arrangements that run the gamut from lush ethereal strings to more subdued piano pieces.... As a whole, The New York Room's Courtesan is a solid ethereal/darkwave offering that, despite it's stylistic diversity, is fairly consistent and impressive. From it's beautiful ethereal opener through an array of moody darkwave, airy ethereal tracks, mellow trip-hop, and more, the disc is interesting and emotive but never redundant. Ethereal / darkwave fans looking for something that doesn't conform to a given sonic mold should give Courtesan a spin.' --review by Joshua Heinrich, Grave Concerns This is beautiful, dreamy, colourful, and brilliant! ...(the)Music is diverse from dream-pop, jazz, new-age, gothic, darkwave, and trip-hop...'Baby Blue' and 'Floatful and Remembering (The Scarlet Hours I Was A Rose)' have that Cocteau Twin sound flavor. The softly melodic 'Breathing Farewell's Sigh' is a jazzy tune that can captivate the lover's heart...The New York Room has put alot of hard work in creating this superb album that is challenging, remarkable, seductive, romantic and sentimental. --review by Donovan Tate, Chain DLK 'Chasing the Horizon' is particularly lovely from a vocal perspective... Instrumentally, there are hints of jazz on the languidly sensual "The Thistle In the Kiss" and the more brassy "Frost At Midnight," while fans of the Cocteau Twins and Love Spirals Downward will swoon with delight at the dizzy honeyed strums of "Baby Blue" and "Floatful & Remembering (The Scarlet Hours I Was A Rose)." Courtesan aims for prettiness over power, and succeeds admirably. Listen to this one when you're in the mood for something delicate, bittersweet and not unbearably taxing. --review by Matthew J. Starvox The New York Room combine elements of folk, minimal ambient and sorrowful female vocals to really set a darker mood while not becoming suicidal. A nighttime sky with a few stars present, points of light pierce the occasional gloom of this otherwise sad record. Sometimes it's nice to sit back and let something like Courtesan wash over you and in the end take away your own morbid feelings with it. Closing your eyes you can be transported to a haunting yet somehow soothing place. Very therapeutic, very well made and craftily concocted. Now that I have The New York Room I'm going to dump my therapist tomorrow --review by Marcus Pan Legends Magazine.

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