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Romantic Fiction 1
  • Artist: Norman Lamont
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479295379
  • Item #: SRD929537
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 1/17/2006
  • This product is a special order
Price: $11.69
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Romantic Fiction 1 on CD

Norman Lamont interviewed in August 2005 by Jim Igoe, founder of Edinburgh's open mic night Out of the Bedroom The new CD is great. It sounds, particularly on IOU, like you've been listening to African music. What's influenced your new sound? I had a song, IOU, which I liked but which sounded a bit ploddy when strummed on guitar.I was experimenting with different sounds, and found that if you stick a capo on an electric guitar with a chorus effect and pick very high up, it sounds a little like Graceland! That gave me the cue to listen to that kind of music for rhythm ideas. So that created that track, and just for a bit of consistency I put a similar sounding guitar on the next track and the last one. There's a nice contrast between that track and the more beatbox sound of 'At the Harbour'. I was interested to see it's credited to Norman Lamont, not Norman Lamont and the Innocents. Have you let go of your innocence? I see the recordings and the band as being quite separate. Partly it's the difficulty of recording with other people, meeting other people's diaries, finding a place to record, and partly because I find I can do a lot on my own, and get it much closer to what I hear in my head. It also gives me more time. So it's not a band album. But there may be another band album. So this time it's featured musicians? Yes, that's right. I should add to that that there was another track planned that had a guest singer, and Romantic Fiction 2 will have at least one guest singer instead of me. It's just part of CDs being a different mode. The guest singer isn't anyone in the band. You've got plenty of singers on the CD, a lot of women in fact. Has your sound been influenced by the lineup? Most of the musicians I happen to know well are female.Plus I like female harmonies and backing vocals. I like the way Leonard Cohen, for example, instead of multi-tracking himself for backing vocals uses real people, giving a nice contrast in sound.

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