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Genocidal World
  • Artist: North
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 795987090426
  • Item #: CDBY90426
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 3/25/2008
Price: $16.03
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Genocidal World on CD

They have NIN's mastery of technology and Sepultura's politics, brought from the third world to ours with a pronounced spiritual twist. This four-piece Industrial Metal band from Chicago was formed in 1993 by producer/engineer, drummer, and keyboardist Brian Eaton. North uses technology to the hilt, giving the band it's industrial strength rock sound, but there's more hiding below the surface. North's vocalist Don Grillo manipulates his voice in unearthly ways, scowling and screaming, drifting into harmonies then laying his soul bare. Bassist Nick Sanzeri knocks the listener flat with intricate bass lines coming up from the depths. Classically trained, Sanzeri is the perfect compliment to Eaton's rhythmic base. Jon Studtmann has the duty of filling in the high parts with searing guitar work. Equal parts of metal and rock mixed with a style all his own, Studtmann uses his guitar as an emotional Richter scale, reversing the feel of a tune with the changing of a note. Eaton's samples provide an overall gothic feel to the band's debut disc, Genocidal World. Showcase Chicago called North, ". . . An awesome band with an awesome debut CD, Genocidal World is a must have." Veteran's Day debuted at number 13 on WITR's (NY) charts and went to number 7 in it's second week of rotation. Genocidal World made the staff play list at the Illinois Entertainer Monthly Magazine when it was released. Featuring former Atlantic Records Recording Arstist, Don Grillo, on lead vocals.

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