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Nugeneration Summer Camp Project
  • Artist: Nugeneration
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 837101089388
  • Item #: CDBY108938
  • Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
  • Release Date: 12/20/2005
  • This product is a special order
Price: $7.94
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Nugeneration Summer Camp Project on CD

This dynamic spiritual group of boys and girls known as 'Nugeneration' ranges from ages 6-18. These Holy Spirit filled young people are excited about what the Lord has done as well as what He continues to do in their lives. As part of the first summer camp ever held at the New Bethel Presbyterian Church, these kids have had a chance to watch our Ever Lasting Father bring to pass some of their biggest desires. New Bethel Presbyterian Church where the pastor was Reverend Hazel A. Wilson is located in the part of Dillon S.C. called Newtown. Newtown although in a rural setting is very much an inner city and has all of the problems associated with the inner city such as gangs, violence, drugs, alcohol, and teen as well as pre-teen pregnancies. The kids have no place in which to really play and allow their creative juices too flow. There are no swimming pools, bowling allies, or skating rinks. The church was awarded a small grant to be used towards the summer camp. With this grant the church was able to feed the kids breakfast, lunch, and a snack Monday through Friday as well as go on weekly field trips. The trips included movies, museums, petting zoos, and rope courses. Daily activities were volleyball, kickball, tug of war, bible classes and bookmobiles just to name a few. All of these activities were designed to help the children with their socialization skills, build their self-esteem, prepare them for fall classes as well as keep them away from harmful and less productive activities. Their final trip to Disney World was the highlight for all the youth. They were able to stay in suites, swim from sun up to sun down and enjoy the amusement park. The fun never stopped for three days. For most of the kids this was their first trip out of South Carolina and to any amusement park. Minister Craig Lavon Wilson instructed the youth in music class. The Lord placed it on his heart to teach the youth the full art of creating a Compact Disc. The youth were instructed in everything from lyrics, track producing to the full discipline of a finished Compact Disc. Thus, 'Nugeneration' was born. The youth have been in great anticipation for the release of the 'Nugeneration Summer Camp Project' since the beginning of school in August. All proceeds from the sell of this CD will go towards the next Nugeneration Summer Camp and all subsequent camps. May God bless you all as you listen to the lyrics, music, and energy of Nugeneration from Newtown in Dillon South Carolina, where God is Doing A New Thing.

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