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  • Artist: O-Dog
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 837101203579
  • Item #: SRD120357
  • Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
  • Release Date: 8/8/2006
  • This product is a special order
Price: $11.99
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Flipside on CD

Read all of this; you should find it all to be true once you've checked it out for yourself. You are about to listen to, 'The Tightest Muthafck@ U Neva Heard'!!! O DOG is one of the top lyricist period. I'll bet you are saying, 'What is this guy talking about'. Yeah, I said it!!! I don't know the guy personally; I'm just a writer for a magazine that was very, very impressed with this album. Until you have listened to the guy spit, (rap) u can't say that he's not one of the best. He's a very witty lyricist with broad versatility who seems to put thought into each and every line that he speaks. I know the average person is very busy and does not have much time to waste;so, click on 'play all songs in hi-fi' (if u have broadband, lo-fi if u don't) and go straight to song number twelve called 'Str8 Spittin''. If that first line doesn't catch you, then you must have closed ear holes and you yourself are another kind of hole (LOL). After that, start from the top of the album. Number one, 'Quick Ta Talk', is full of -straight to the point-knock you off your ass-lyrics with another very witty opening line. Number two, 'Get Up', is a very energetic track. Number three, 'Uh Ohh', is the first single off of the album. The song has a beat that is very hot and an eyebrow raising verse from the next artist to drop on the 'Destined Ta Shine' label, J.J.Spade. The contrasting styles of the two artist blend together well to make a impressive song. It's a fa sho club banger that should be played before basketball games to get the home team and crowd amped up (the chorus line is perfect for that. Listen and see, hint hint). Number four, 'Dawgs, is a nice track that I can see Omega's (Q Dawgs) steppin' and barkin' to all day. Number five, 'We Don't Mess Around', is another club banger with a heart pounding beat that could get a crowd of nuns to start a rap moshpit (listen for the line about the K Y, it's hilarious). Number six, 'Real Shit', is a song with strong lyrical content about life that everyone should be able to relate to. The hook (chorus line) is so catchy you'll be singing to it by the end of the four or so minutes (that's four minutes once you've purchased the album). Number seven, 'Hold On', is a tear-jerker (you had better pull out your kleenex's for this one). This song is universal. I say this because I allowed many different ages, races, and colors to hear this song and it was felt by all in one way or another. Some say that they felt it because they were pulled in by the singing, others had just lost someone, others sayt that the song put them in the mindframe of actually experiencing the event because he (O DOG) makes u see each step very clearly. Listen to it, and you will see what I am talking about. The young female vocalist, CHIARA, really impresses during the song sounding very pleasing. My favorite part is near the end of the track when O Dog tells her to take it to church. She really gets up there and shows off those lungs at that point (once again you will have to have the whole album to hear that). The next song, number eight, 'Do U Wanna', gives u a good boost of energy after the very melancholy, 'Hold On'. This song has lines that will have you rolling on the floor laughing. If you do purchase the album, listen to the last line of the second verse (you won't be able to hear it on the sample of the song on this page), it's a guaranteed eye opener. Number nine, 'Make It Jiggle', is my least favorite, but I still like it (something has to be first and somethig has to be last). It's a good club song with a clever verse from O DOG that meshes facets of sex with that of a football game (very unique and witty). The last part of the song had females 'droppin' it to the floor' in a club that I heard it played in (once again you will have to have the album to hear that). Number ten, 'Head Bobbin'', is a nice track you can definitely ride to. Number eleven, 'What Seems To Be The Problem, is a lyrical tag game between the artists J.J.SPADE and O DOG. This track is one of my favorite's because the spittin' on there is BANANAS!!! Speaking of spittin', number twelve puts us back at 'Str8 Spittin'' and starts off a piece of the album that, from here on out, becomes more deeply embedded into the essence of hip-hop. Once you've been pulled in with the first punchline, listen to the whole track because the second verse is RIDICULOUS!!! Number thirteen, 'Thoughts', is a look into a seemingly twisted mind. The song ends with a question that everyone has wanted to ask but no one can answer (u must have the album to hear it). Number fourteen, 'The Future', is almost genius, if not that. It's a look back at now from a few years down the line. Number fifteen, 'In This World Today', is a very lyrical track with a beautiful chorus with more vocals from 'CHIARA'. The last song from O DOG is a song everyone should be able to relate to. Number sixteen, 'F*** Luv', talks of the hardships of love and ends with a tale that is painted on the brain without a brush by O DOG. It's very tragic, and said to be true (from the mouth of the artist that spit it). The last song on the album, number seventeen, 'On Everything I Love', showcases the talents of J.J.SPADE. It's a solo track for him that takes the listener from conflicts within the artist himself to conflicts he has with a certain sibling. If you've made it this far, you may as well give the whole thing a listen. Believe me,I wouldn't have written this much if I wasn't really into this album. Give the album a listen and I promise, you won't be disappointed. Go ahead and add it to your cart the same way that I did (I bought two copies to give to my family, and I was given a free copy to critique). I was very impressed and you will be as well. Buy it, listen up and enjoy!!!!!

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