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  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 837101440523
  • Item #: CDBY144052
  • Release Date: 12/11/2007
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Hodie on CD

Octarium, the Midwest's premier vocal ensemble, announces the release of it's new CD, Hodie. Octarium now brings a magical clarity and brilliance to choral music's most beautiful Christmas music, including a brilliant reading of the challenging Motets pour le temps Noel by Francis Poulenc. The energy, accuracy and heart of Octarium's debut CD continue through the tracks of Hodie, with renditions of Victoria's 'Ave Maria' and Morten Lauridsen's 'O Magnum Mysterium' that inspire and amaze. Octarium is Latin for "Eight as One" and the name defines our mission: Eight Singers, One Choral Voice. Octarium is committed to fostering and promoting the development and appreciation of the art of choral music through innovative and engaging programming, seeking to inspire, enlighten and educate. Octarium began when Krista became the choir director at a large Kansas City church. Her budget allowed her to hire eight section leaders, so she set about finding eight people who not only would sing well, but lead well, teach well, learn well and enjoy themselves while doing it. As the octet rehearsed and performed together, a remarkable thing began to happen: musical synergy. The singers began to musically read each other's minds; taking unplanned breaths together, phrasing identically and beautifully without discussing it first, and creating impromptu choral dynamics in rehearsal and performance. Krista sat back, listened to it all happen and said to herself "Hmmm, people need to hear this. Lots of people need to hear this." Hence, Octarium. Distinguishing itself for aggressive and cohesive programming and a unique style of performing without a conductor, Octarium has firmly established itself among the premier musical groups in the Midwest.

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