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3/ 2/ 2001
  • Artist: Octiv8
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 659057262321
  • Item #: CDBY726232
  • Genre: Electronic
  • Release Date: 9/17/2002
  • This product is a special order
Price: $8.39
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3/ 2/ 2001 on CD

Octiv8--- born on the Isle of Sylt in northern Germany this artist creates compositions strictly spontaneously. Influenced by the likes of Tangerine Dream, Alan Parsons Project, Hawkwind, and Pink Floyd, Octiv8's debut album 3-2-1 is a concept album meant to be listened to in it's' entirety for a Mental Massage effect. 'The imagination of the listener provides the melody for the music.'---Octiv8 Octiv8 fills the gap when it comes to chillout tracks and ambient soundscapes that lack groove power. Vice-versa for groove tracks that lack a mellow and casual vibe. This is a dynamic original collection of compositions that bridges ambient music with dream trance creating Psychedelic Electronica. Here are some reviews of track #2 Angles: Angles is the result of improvisational performances on a track by track basis. Layering one sound upon another with a feeling of freedom and content as the theme. Some compositions have a more planned construction than this one. This one was all freeform and is one of my favorite pieces. Mellow and comforting This is a nice relaxing trancey track...I like the subtle shifts in the synth sounds...This is a good ambient track...Positive vibe. I would sit and chill out to this track in a dimly lit room...My girlfriend walked in at around the 6-minute mark and said she liked this one too. Great job on this one. ----------S.C. Illinois Floating in Space This song reminds me of floating free in space. It's has a nice relaxing feel to it. The build-ups in the song make it more interesting than having a melody repeat for a long time. Good work! -----------K.D. Canada Good work Music that isn't afraid to go on an excursion. Strap into your seat, fire up the rockets, activate life support systems, and enjoy the ride. -------------M.S. North Carolina GET' Very nice mood setting with that beginning tonal loop and then the drum crescendo. Close the eyes, let the modulation mess with you, move around you. Love the subtle movement in the eighth note tones and overlay of the two moving lines. Excellent sound choice and development. ------------Srbass California.

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