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Multi-Mouth Runner
  • Artist: The Odd Lamb
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479632501
  • Item #: SRD963250
  • Genre: Folk
  • Release Date: 9/25/2007
  • This product is a special order
Price: $19.14
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Multi-Mouth Runner on CD

The Odd Lamb is a 'band' consisting of one author - Jonathan Atchley. For the first time ever, he is cascading further into the 'cliffs of insanity' - otherwise known, probably to no one else, as the world of the professional artistry. With a semi-shabby collection of visual art sold, a debut album entitled 'Multi-Mouth Runner ' has finally found it's release date. A self-taught musician, Jonathan writes, plays, records, and edits all sounds in his home studio. He does so with the mind to dialog in the ongoing conversation that is art as well as create a product for sale. Jonathan views himself as not much of a musician in the traditional sense, but an artist experimenting with sound in a popular song arena. Like a child composer, he works intuitively. Many of his songs are like intimate little drawings, seemingly dancing or tip-toeing through you like an invisible quilt of sound. Poetically fusing unlike elements such as child's play and death, toying with the use of styles and building occasional contrasting or melodic jigsaws, Jonathan, through his creations, hopes to dialogue about topics from philosophy to cultural Christianity - as well as lend you a childhood memory. As an inventor at heart he's quick to make up words and bend the traditional use of anything, including instruments, into a new form of accessible meaning while holding to the tradition of pop. In an image based culture, it comes naturally for Jonathan to integrate elements from film and television into his unique sound as well as any other newer forms of communication. His artistic voice, birthed from a biblical worldview, begs for honesty and existential review. Like his kiddy days, Jonathan's interests lie ultimately in the underlying framework of things. This is where his creative voice probes, questions, points, and calls out in an "...oh-so Odd Lambish sorta-way.' The key to Jonathan's writing style is the increasingly popular use of home recording. He sees this last decade as a unique point in time where technology has given such a flexible and dynamic way of writing music to anyone who's interested. The poor and unlearned composers arise! Track by track and layer by layer Jonathan cuts, pastes, loops, samples, bends, fades, manipulates, reverses, arranges, etc. Etc. until he's satisfied. He laughs that the possibilities are endless! Not just the 'artists' can dialog through the art of sound now - but the gardener, the school teacher, your dad, - anyone can! An exciting time indeed if you can avoid the paralysis that often walks hand in hand with unlimited options. Completely new to the music industry, Jonathan says he has much to learn from starting making his live performances interesting to promoting his art. Jonathan now resides in Brooklyn, New York, and is looking forward to becoming active in the creative community there. He also has plans to explore themed music and visual art projects about his family's missionary life and experience in South America and China as well as get involved with film and animation in order to create some crazy music videos! For more visit and click on 'about.'

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