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Oddruff Compilation 1 /  Various
  • Artist: Various Artists
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 884502057003
  • Item #: SRD205700
  • Genre: Soul/R & B
  • Release Date: 5/5/2009
  • This product is a special order
Price: $19.14
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Oddruff Compilation 1 / Various on CD

Welcome to the explosive sound of the new African Hip Life music. Hip Life music is a new innovative fusion of West African High Life music with Hip Hop/Pop. Hip Life also utilizes Western and Caribbean sounds and musical styles and are usually sung in pidgin English (West African Patua) or in different African languages. OddRuff Compilation Volume 1 is a unique and entertaining collection of Hip Life music with incredible soul and harmonies. The Various Artists featured in this compilation are all ambassadors of the new Hip Life music genre and they include the following; UGEE: Ugee aka Blou is the next big thing waiting to explode in the R&B and Hip Life music scene. Ugee was born and lived in an environment filled with music haven grown up in the church. His mother and late father were both pastors who founded a church known as Spirit and Life Bible church in Benin City Nigeria. "Music is my life passion" "I have been singing since I was five years old" says Ugee. He has always been musically inclined since his childhood days where he sang in the church, school events and many other social events as a child growing up in Nigeria. Ugee has always believed in his unique musical talent, and the many pretty ways he delivers his vocals makes him stand out. "My music is pure R&B, but I also do some Hip Life music" says Ugee. If the songs Ugee have recorded so far are any indication of his talent and passion for music, watch out, for the best is yet to come. KCASTY LUU: Some people just love challenges. African Hip Life sensation Kcasty Luu is one of those people. From the time his hit tracks "So Cute" and "Fillomina" hit the airwaves or the time he walked unnoticed through a crowded arena before a concert, only to be escorted on the way out because of the mob of newly-won fans. Kcasty Luu remains a master of many styles. 'I want to show many different sides of my musical personality' says Kcasty Luu. Born and raised in Kumasi, Ghana. Growing up in Ghana like his peers, he became infatuated with hip life music at a very young age. Today, the many fans who are now accustomed to Kcasty Luu's music like "Fillomina" "So Cute" "Boko Boko" and "Sekina" can attest to the musical prowess of this new hip life sensation. JAE BAZ: Often times, emerging artists emulate their favorite performers instead of using them as inspirations. There is one up and coming artist that can not be accused of being an imitation of any established artist. Jae Baz bring a unique style and originality to the African Hip Life genre. Jae Baz grew up in Benin City, Nigeria and was raised by his maternal grand mother who aroused in him, his love for music. According to Jae Baz "There was always music around me when I was growing up". "My grand mother was always humming one song or another whenever she was cooking, cleaning or doing any other household chores. Jae Baz has a lot of soul in his music, because anyone listening to his music can't help but be swayed to the rhythms and melodies in them as demonstrated in his hit track "Another Woman". This is something his other OddRuff label mates have tapped into, by having him create melodies for their songs. He is the feature everyone want on their tracks. RUN'S T: Run's T is one of the new rising sensations in the African Hip Life music. Born and raised in Ibada, Nigeria. Run's T wants to bring this new genre in urban music to the rest of the world. Run's T is a born organizer that brings people together through his music. Where and whenever he meets a dull gathering, he turns it into a lively one. Definitely, he has a knack for making things happen, and he is surely going to make it happen around the world with his music. 'Music is my life' he says and 'no slowing down' until he gets to the very top. As the first artist signed to OddRuff records, he sees himself as leaving his mark throughout the world in the next few years. FLEXY: Flexy Da Godson (or simply Flexy) also known as Ewia is the new enigma in African Hip Life music. He has often been described as the ambassador of Hip Life music and the king of African Dancehall. Born and raised in Accra, Ghana, Flexy displays an uncanny dedication to his career of choice as an artist. Although a new emerging artist in the Canadian and African music scene, Flexy's fans stretch all the way from North America to Africa. Flexy is an artist who is highly respected, worshipped and adored by those who have closely watched his career as it developed. Flexy has set his mind on conquering the rest of the world with his versatile and multi dimensional musical styles.

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