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  • Artist: Of Angels
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 778632901636
  • Item #: SRD290163
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 7/22/2008
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BIOGRAPHY: Of Angels is a group of motivated and talented musicians with one ultimate goal: To create music that incites an emotionally charged response in it\'s listeners. To open a window that leads into the lives of the members of the band, and to inspire a reaction to their cause. What does Of Angels mean exactly? It is the realization that there are elements within human existence that are beyond our control, forces that cannot be explained... it is the fact that we are all creations of a supernatural power, or that we are all \'Of Angels\'. Of Angels formed in March of 2006, and has been striving forward ever since. Within the first two months, they shared the stage with many established Canadian independent bands, such as A Textbook Tragedy, The Gorgeous, Shotgun Rules, Kincaide, Drive By Punch, Mapping The Escape and Glory Nights. The band spent the summer of 2006 crafting their debut EP titled, "The Man, The Whistler". Endless hours of hard work and dedication were poured into the making of this EP, which contains three songs that are both energetic, yet seemingly melodic. All of the songs were written, produced, and recorded by the band itself, insuring that their creative vision was completely upheld. After only a few shows following the release of their EP, they have sold over 500 EP's, and landed a spot opening the Edmonton Taste of Chaos show at the Shaw Conference Center. The Of Angels sound encompasses elements from many different genres: from fast paced punk, to ambient rock, to metal, to jazz, to pop-influenced progressions, and to the complexities of changing time signatures. The guitars are chunky yet melodic, the bass and drums are pounding yet solid, and the vocals take us from utter joy to severe rage and back. What separates this music from the norm is the collective collaboration of band mates who have differing musical influences and backgrounds. When these styles merge, the result is something that is new and fresh. It is a mixture of many ranges, which is why the music can appeal to listener\'s coming from many different genres. The future holds a lot in store for Of Angels. Over the past year, the band has played many great shows across Canada, and have just released a full length album titled \'Legends\', which was released May of 2008. The band's main goal is to become a full-time touring band. Their plan is to spread the word and share their passion of music with anyone who is willing to accept it, and just listen...

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