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Simon Diaz Universal
  • Artist: Ofelia del Rosal
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479510403
  • Item #: SRD951040
  • Genre: Jazz
  • Release Date: 5/29/2007
Price: $22.11
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Simon Diaz Universal on CD

OFELIA DEL ROSAL Venezuelan vocalist whose music and singing studies have been tutored by the acclaimed Masters Lina Brando, Humberto Diez, César Muñoz and Pedro Salas in Caracas. In addition, she received 'Masters Lessons' with David Sorrin Colyer in New York, teacher of Liza Minelli and Tony Bennet. In Madrid España, with Helena Vallalta of Superior Vocal School. Those studies have been combined, uninterruptedly, with the recording of jingles during at list 17 years. As a little girl she participated in excellent choral groups like the Camera Choir of Caracas Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Aldemaro Romero. She has also participated in the acting world as much in TV as in Theater. She was invited by the extraordinary singer Leny Andrade, one of the international Brazilian Jazz landmarks, to perform next to her in the Theater Teresa Carreño for the Festival 'Brasil in Caracas 96 '; and in the same Theater in 2001, next to the renowned singer Mercedes Sosa. She has shared scenes in different theaters with national artists of the stature of Simón Díaz, Aldemaro Romero, Huáscar Barradas, Rafael "el Pollo" Brito, María Rivas, Biella Da Costa, Alexis Cárdenas, Alfredo Naranjo, Guillermo Carrasco, Alberto Naranjo, Eddy Pérez, Gerry Weill, Pablo Gil, Cheo Hurtado, Luis Julio Toro, "Nené" Quintero, Pedrito López, among many others. In 2000 she was nominated as the 'Musical Revelation of the Year' at the National Artist Award for her first record 'BRASIL EN BLANCO Y NEGRO', comprising a delicate Bossanova repertoire, the arrangements and guitar by Gustavo Caruci, Luis Julio Toro in the flute and Carlos "Nené" Quintero at the percussion. In 2001 the records label Latin World Productions produced her second CD with the incomparable music of Aldemaro Romero: 'ALDEMAREANDO'. For this work she counted with the participation of great national musicians: Aldemaro Romero at the piano, supporting and presenting the production; Simón Díaz, Ilan Chester, Ensemble Gurrufío and Otmaro Ruiz, guaranteeing the quality that characterizes the production work and musical direction of Gustavo Carucí, also nominated for the National Artist Award for three consecutive years, as the 'Best Arranger of the Year '. About this production, Magister Aldemaro Romero wrote: ...Calls the attention, pleasingly, the set of merits this novel singer is adorned with: surprising natural ear, impeccable tuning, exact rhythm... in short, a musicality belonging to the natural musicians, because it has already been said: there are musician singers or simply singers. Ofelia is of the first, privileged in her original condition, because from such a special talent derives her enviable romantic-jazzistic phrasing, that special seal that sets her apart from the rest... In 2004 she recorded her third CD 'VINO TINTO', the result of the work around Henry Martínez romantic music, renowned Venezuelan composer of fruitful and very distinguished trajectory. This production summarizes songs already conforming the song book of the contemporary urban Venezuela, and some inedited specially composed for this production. In this opportunity, again under the musical direction and arrangements of Gustavo Carucí, she counted on the participation of Guillermo Carrasco, Vìctor Mestas, Andrés Briceño, 'Nené' Quintero, Luis Julio Toro and the Vocal Ensemble Cíncopa, among others. In November of 2004 she presented it next to the Municipal Symphonic Orchestra of Caracas conducted by Rodolfo Saglinben. On 2006 she introduced her musical production, "SIMÓN DÍAZ UNIVERSAL", with a unic combination of latinamerican musical genders of Simón Díaz songs, like Bolero, Tango, Bachata, Latin Jazz, Bossanova, and Spanish tanguillo, under the direction of outstanding musicians and arrengers like Alberto Naranjo, Aquiles Báez, Chano Domínguez (Spain), Charlie Frómeta, Gustavo Carucí, Otmaro Ruiz and Rafael Medina. For this work, she counted on the participation of Huáscar Barradas, Alfredo Naranjo, Eddy Pérez and Alexis Cárdenas between many others. Regarding this production, one of credited people in the public opinion, César Miguel Rondón, commented: 'Hearing the CD like it is due, I reach a single conclusion: it is the felt homage in our best musicians, to the most momentous in our popular composers. Ofelia del Rosal has been the magic bond. It is a beautiful work... a true jewel!' She also recorded a duet with Aldemaro Romero for his last record production, in the midle of the most importants national artists like María Rivas, Ma. Teresa Chacín, Oscar D´León, Cheo Hurtado, Luis Julio Toro, Elisa Soteldo, Rafa Galindo, Luz Marina, among others; produced by Federico Pacanins On November 2006 she presented with her quartet at the 2nd. Movilnet Jazz Festival of Margarita Island. At the same tiome, she has been singing around the country at the main cities like Barquisimeto, Pto. La Cruz and Pto. Ordaz. During 2007, she produced another CD, this time a tribute to one of the most populars composer of Venezuela and who recently died, Otilio Galíndez, titulated "FLOR DE MAYO", arrenged by the wonderfull and international musician Aquiles Báez. For this work, she invited to participated Rafael "El Pollo" Brito, "El Cuarteto", "Miguel Delgado Estévez", Alexis Cárdenas and Leo Blanco mainly. The showcase for this CD, was absolutly sold out. Rigth now, on 2009, she is presenting her new musical and extraordinary work, around the compositions of the most popular musicians of all seasons, who was born in Dominica but who was venezuelan at his heart, Luis María "Billo" Frómeta: "BILL´AZZ". This time Ofelia has achieved bring to our present, all of the caraqueños memories recording songs like "Caracas vieja", "Cuando estemos viejos", "Epa Isidoro!, at the same time that she mixed swing, bolero y jazz, that´s why the title of this album. In this oportunity, she invited to sing with her to "El Caballero de la Salsa", Gilberto Santa Rosa; also Rafa Galindo, one of the most representative singers of the Billo´s Caracas Boys Orchestra; she included a singular track of the las live concert of our great tenor Alfredo Sadel too, singing "Canción sin título" just few months before he died. This production includes songs like "Swin jam son", "Mosaico No. 7", "Se necesitan dos", "Cuando yo te quería", etc. Again, accompanied by Gustavo Carucí, Víctor Mestas, Nené Quintero, and other outstanding venezuelan musicians. Again, about this CD, César Miguel Rondón wrote: "...I said that this is the most risky work of Ofelia... I also forgot to say that this is the best!" At this time, as an alternative activity, she´s working at the Aldemaro Romero´s Fundation next to his widow Elizabeth Romero, preserving and difunding his wonderful, vast and prolific work.

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