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Too Many Late Nights
  • Artist: Oldbury
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 623667215657
  • Item #: CDBY721565
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 9/16/2008
  • This product is a special order
Price: $14.68
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Too Many Late Nights on CD

Come Join Canada's preeminent purveyors of "The Ear-Gasm" and your friends, OLDBURY, as they embark on a journey to change rock history! .... In the fiery kilns of five very different minds, a sound described by some as being like "...the fire of a thousand suns" was forged. This smokin hot, yet creamy sound is the perfect blend of everything you love from live rock. Oldbury\'s 2008 full length album touches all four corners of the rock spectrum: from an all out assault on your senses to groovy head-boppin, hip-shakin\' melodies. Having endured poverty, natural disaster, emotional sabotage, starvation and near death battles with Bears; OLDBURY rose from the ashes of the pheonix's nest to unleash an onslaught of heart pounding beats. Many describe the experience that is OLDBURY\'s live performance as one of \'...High energy climax, suspense, shock and awe\'. Whether you\'re groovin\' to \'Bananas Fried\', getting your face melted by \'Vat Dreaded Girl\', or having your deep inner ear G-Spot tickled by any other delicious Baynes melody, OLDBURY is sure to get you out of your seat with a drink in one hand, a drink in the other hand, and yet another drink on standby because you may spill your drink. Having played together and in different bands for 10 years, OLDBURY has fused Into the hard-hitting, infectious sound that will leave you wanting more. Between the recent addition to the lineup, and the first full length studio release, Josh, Darren Craig, Duane, and Jeff are destined to change the course of rock history. Well-known locally for their amazing live performances, Oldbury is NOT your average rock band. Oldbury Is: Josh Baynes: vocal gun show and stunning good looks Duane Hay: vox and the axe Darren Smith: vox, harp, and shreddin\' Craig Olsen: the low ended 4 string face melter Jeff Talbot: hammerin\' out those beats.

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