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  • Artist: Omega Love
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 796873078429
  • Item #: SRD307842
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 6/10/2008
  • This product is a special order
Price: $17.69
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Five musicians all with diverse influences... what to do? An interesting sound is born from an eclectic bed made of electronic euro trash, disco balls and dance floors, traditional jazz, cigarette and whiskey blues, hip-hop, 80's new wave, and ambient rock. Slowly, like a block of clay, a shape is forming.... The shape takes on a name, Omega Love. The group most certainly has a distinct sound, but is constantly evolving as each member is inspired by rainbows, liquor, love, hate, and fights amongst one other. Formed in the fall of 2004, the group began as a project striving to reach absolute rock stardom. With no official time line they are slowly growing into a popular act all around the east coast. Their sound began as more electronic jazz-lounge which can be heard on their first self titled release Omega Love. This traditional sound landed them gigs playing not only in smoky bars in all of the big cities on the east coast, but also more golden experiences like playing on the same stage as jazz legend Wynton Marsalis filmed in higher definition... (we couldn't believe it either). Now a days their sound is becoming more edgy with throbbing drum beats interwoven with funky and bizarre bass lines and bad ass guitar solos... as the keyboard player sounds out electronic notes that are reminiscent of door bells, radios, saxophones, and voices. All of this while a sultry vocalist wails out lyrics about life's fowl and beautiful contradictions. "Destiny... she will take her hold when the time is right for me... I'll sit back and I will let her do her thing. And then my life just swings." (Down Came The Rain) The fact of the matter is that these five musicians fit so well together that a spark is heard and seen throughout every song and performance. Their music calls upon the sounds of the past and the present as it blends all of their thoughts into one. Omega Love is currently working on their second album and looking for small corners of the globe where they can perform their intensely original music.

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