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Caspian Seashore
  • Artist: Omid Afkhami
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • UPC: 811204011484
  • Item #: CDBY401148
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 9/1/2009
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Caspian Seashore on CD

Omid Afkhami is the arranger, composer, and producer of the music. A few tracks are renditions of celebrated songs that capture the essence of Persian historical folk and pop music. The majority of the tracks were recorded, mixed and mastered at Omid's home studio. The drums of Matt Thompson were engineered by Aaron Kelley at 'Edge Of The World Studios', and the fretless bass was recorded by Jeff Plant in his home studio. Pedro Partida accompanied the instruments in 'Persian Gypsy' with his Spanish-influenced vocals. Special thanks to all of the artists who participated in this project for their exceptional musicianship, exquisite taste and originality. I'm going to explain the elements that made up this project which centers on the musicians who participated in it and the way I arranged this instrumental music that fused a variety of musical styles. These include the percussive sounds of modern Flamenco, Gypsy and Persian folk music on the guitar; modern flamenco and fusion jazz styles on the fretless bass; rock and heavy metal rhythms on the drum kit; classical cello; as well as other percussion instrumentation such as the Cajon and hand claps. A few tracks are renditions of celebrated songs that capture the essence of Persian historical folk and pop music. When you are creating something new, you need to try different things to accomplish your desired result. Arranging this music required a lot of thought. Sometimes I simply had to try a particular idea and start recording, only to discover that I didn't like it and then change or completely remove that part. Jeff Plant is a Fusion Jazz bass player whom I had a chance to meet a few years ago, and I have to say that I am one in many who loves his bass playing and technique. He has played with numerous major label artists of all styles across the U.S. He enjoys my musical style and we have played quite a few live performances and concerts together. I absolutely enjoy his creativity and every single note that he plays. When I heard Matt Thompson on a particularly heavy 'black metal' album named 'Agrat' (an original project by bassist Jeff Plant), I said 'this is the energy that I want for my project!' It was totally a different musical style, but I could imagine how it would sound in my music. Matt is a well-rounded drummer who can play anything but I specifically asked him to play with lots of energy and use his double bass pedals throughout my music! He was patient and wise during the recording. His work was all about the final quality, regardless of how long it took. It turned out better than my expectations! Recording the drums was so exciting for me, like riding a roller coaster! There is a particular song which is rhythmically challenging, due to on odd meter of 15/16. Both Jeff and Matt did a great job with it, really making it rock! Aaron Kelley was the perfect choice for recording the drums. His long-time, professional relationship with Matt Thompson created a very conducive atmosphere, and we felt he was a great person to trust with the final decisions on recording the drums. Gaston Colloca is a great cello player who comes from a classical background. However, in this music he was exploring other possibilities by trying different techniques on his instrument to create different dynamics and energy. His creative improvisations provided a fresh sound to the style. You can get goose bumps by listening to his cello. Finally, Pedro Partida accompanied the instruments in the song 'Persian Gypsy' with his Spanish-influenced vocals. Another new idea accompanying this project is a flash mixer that you can download by registering on During this journey, I have enjoyed each moment of this project. I personally like the content and all the techniques involved. I hope you also find it worth your time to listen and explore. Tracks information: 1)Your Adorable Physique 4:38 This song begins with a Bulería introduction. Some of the chord progressions and musical passages are similar to "Ghado Baalaa", a Persian pop song by the legendary Vigen (1929-2003). 'Your Adorable Physique' is a loose translation for 'Ghado baalaaye to ranaa ...' which is a lyric from the original tune. After the Bulería intro, Jeff Plant opens the song with a bass improvisation. Instruments: Guitar, Damped Rhythm Guitar, Fretless Bass, Drum Kit, Cellos, Claps 2) Folk Girl 4:03 "Folk Girl" is a modern instrumental arrangement of a Persian folk song named "Dokhtare Boyerahmadi", which means 'A girl from Boyerahmad'. Boyerahmad is a province in Southwestern Iran. After the intro, you will hear the original folk melody over a modern chord progression. Next, a guitar improvisation takes place using a glass slide and pick, providing a more traditional atmosphere. Then, the song concludes with a variation of the original folk melody. Matt Thompson's unique drumming gives a different and modern texture to the song. Instruments: Guitar, Fretless Bass, Drum Kit, Cellos 3) Persian Gypsy 5:35 This percussive song has a modern gypsy feel. The translation of Pedro Partida's words explains that the guitarist has gypsy blood! The song's meter alternates between 5/4 and 4/4 time signatures. Jeff's creativity shines in the middle of the song when he plays an energetic fretless bass. Instruments: Guitar, Fretless Bass, Drum Kit, Cajons, Claps ìVamo a hacer este cosa! Vamo a tocar este Let's do this thing! We're going to play this ìcomo los gitanos de España, vamo' ya! As the gypsies of Spain, let's go! Con las manos un poquito moderno... With their hands a little bit modern... ì Oye, ese chico! Hey, that guy! ì Eres sangre de gitano, vamo' ya! You are of gypsy blood, let's go! Claro que si, vamo'! Of course, let's go. 4) Lying on the Beach 5:42 You've probably laid down on the beach and enjoyed the breeze, the sun shining while you listened to the waves, the smell of the sea and feel of the sand encompassing your entire body. This song may inspire the same memories! The cellos, while providing a classical atmosphere, give a relaxing energy to this song. Instruments: Guitar, Cellos, Seashore sound 5) Caspian Seashore 4:56 Using 'Lying on the Beach' as an introduction, this song may remind you of Farruca in some of the melodic passages. Enjoy Gaston Colloca's exotic and energetic improvisations on the Cello! Instruments: Guitar, Fretless Bass, Drum Kit, Cellos, Cajon, Claps 6) Naked Dreams 5:32 This relaxing song is meant to instill 'peace of mind' while enticing melodies float upon simple chord progressions. Gaston's soothing cello performance whisks you away to a secret and sexy world. Instruments: Left & Right Guitars, Guitar improvisation, Drum Kit played with Brushes, Cellos, Circle Drum, Tombak, Claps 7) It Was Night 4:55 'It Was Night' begins with a solitary guitar intro in the style of the traditional Malagueña. It then transforms into an original arrangement of a Persian song entitled 'Shab Bood Biaabaan Bood', which means 'It was night in the desert'. While the first pass of the melody is very close to the original, it eventually becomes more freely improvised. You will also hear Gaston playing the bass patterns on his cello. Abbas Shapoori (1923-2004) was the composer of 'Shab Bood Biaabaan Bood' with his wife, Pooran, as the original singer. It is said that the song was recorded during the 1940s and the lyrics were written by Nasser Rastegar Nejad. Instruments: Guitar, Cellos, Cajons, Claps, Hi-hat 8) Fall Arrived 7:43 The loose translation of the Persian phrase 'Shod Khazan', the original name for this composition, is "Fall Arrived". This song was written by Javad Badi-Zadeh (1901-1979) and recorded during the 1940s. The original lyrics, written by Rahi Moayyeri, are about serenading a lover that his love has left him. This instrumental version is a modern flamenco arrangement of the original, transcribed for the guitar. Instruments: Guitar, Cajons, Claps, Tombak, Udu, Circle Drum, Floor Tom, Tambourine 9) Lovely Stranger 5:19 The rhythm and meter of this original composition is not very common. I personally count it as a 15/16 meter, demonstrated in the rhythmic transcription below. Matt's uniquely crafted drum solo in the middle of the song is exceptional, as he always is! Instruments: Guitar, Left & Right Rhythm Guitars, Fretless Bass, Drum Kit, Congas, Claps A brief autobiography and description: "I was born in 1974 in Tehran, Iran and began playing guitar at age 17. I moved to the United States in 2000 right before releasing my first CD, entitled 'Night Serenity'. 'Caspian Seashore' is the fruit of all my experiences in improving my guitar techniques over time, including live performances. This music was produced in Dallas, Texas from 2006-2008. The Caspian Sea, which is the inspiration for the title, is in the northern part of Iran. Many of my childhood memories are from here, when we would escape to the sea to get away from the crowded capital city and enjoy nature." Release date: August 24 2009.