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  • Artist: Omit
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 7071750110281
  • Item #: 159448X
  • Genre: Heavy Metal
  • Release Date: 9/1/2011
  • Rank: 229101
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Omit is a melodic doom metal band based in Oslo, Norway. It is comprised of vocalist Cecilie Langlie (Skumring, Havnatt, Vagrant God), Tom Simonsen (Skumring, Havnatt, It's the End, Vagrant God) on guitars and bass and Kjetil Ottersen (Diagnostic, Vagrant God) on guitars and keyboards. The band was founded by Cecilie, Kjetil and Tom in 2009. The recording of Omit's debut double album, entitled Repose, was completed in 2010. This album was released by the Secret Quarters record label on September 1, 2011. Subsequently, the album has been highly acclaimed by doom metal fans all over the world, and it has received a wealth of good reviews. "Album of the year! (Score: Perfect - 5/5)" - Stefan, QranQ "My advice to you, dear reader, is this: grab a copy of 'Repose,' grab a bag of chips or salted peanuts and a cold beverage of your choice. Got your snacks? Good. Press play, and let the music wash over you. When the album comes to a close, brush the crumbs from your shirt and go outside. You might see a different world than the one you knew. - 9.5/10" - Sorrow Eternal "Omit are one of the most promising new acts out there, and their debut is absolutely essential." - Dominik Sonders, "Released just a few weeks ago, Repose is two discs of beautiful, dense, morose doom metal, with Omit pulling out all the stops to make this 85 minute masterpiece as magnificent as it ever could be. With an expansive compositional style comparable to that of Richard Wagner's, sans the extreme melodrama, Omit treats every element of the band like that of an orchestra. Delicate strings intermingle with dense guitars, musclebound drums, swirling keyboards and Langlie's extraordinary voice in a brilliantly arranged, educated manner. Every aspect of this album is crystal clear, but not in an 'over-produced' manner about which so many internet nerds complain, but rather in a way that makes every nuance of Repose prominent and graspable." - The Inarguable.