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  • Artist: Omkar
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479971921
  • Item #: SRD997192
  • Genre: New Age
  • Release Date: 2/10/2004
  • This product is a special order
Price: $22.18
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Omkar is a multi-instrumentalist and composer currently at home in Hamburg, Germany. The basics are Worldmusic, Ambient, Lounge, Easy Listening, New Age with a blend of Classic and Jazz. --------------- I'm composing and performing multi-instrumental. Over the time I accomplished equipment for a small studio in Hamburg, Germany. I used to play in live bands on different instruments, basically drums, percussion, guitar and flute and I wrote the songs. Today I prefer to work on solo projects and the digital age enables me to apply instruments from computer. The challenge producing digital to me is to find the expressions of the instruments as I would play them live. To produce without having the instruments starched and inflexible. I'm trying to create the instruments in a vital way although assisted with computer and sequencer. All publications are produced independent and the free material is licensed under the terms of creative commons. Bio: I was born in Mannheim, Germany and I became fascinated by sounds and instruments very early. The first instruments I came in touch with was flute, percussion and guitar. On a highscool for children I became educated in music theorie and learned notes and harmonies. It was hard to follow without holding an instrument in hands and except some basics all and everything is wiped out of my mind. Later I learned some basics on piano,guitar and drums and from then on I was learning by doing and became an autodidact on playing and recording. With composing I started at the age of fourteen. And guitar was the adequate instrument. Joining live bands became my passion two years later. I jammed and toured with local bands and wrote the songs. Until it became crystalized which musik direction will be my favorite I was getting familiar with rock,jazz,funk,blues,soul and instrumental music. By the time and moreover with solo projects the ground became world music,athmo,chillout combined with the influences I used to play live before. One day I was finished with jamming and live bands and decided to realize solo projects. Luckily with the invention of personal computers I was supported from the very beginning. For solo projects I currently use a pc, sequencer, virtual instruments and record some instruments live. Disco: The outcome of the digital work so far is a free downloadable album named 'Petite d'Afrique' available on different mp3 portals, an retail CD named 'Shaku', available on various shops worldwide and releases of single tracks on the internet. Thus to be updated with new releases.. Because of private circumstances and illnes like Tinnitus there also have been longer periods of inactivity. Finally: ...I'd like to say, very simply: I invite you to listen. I do not write music for mere relaxation or for mere dancing, but for the very pleasure of listening. I have the feeling we have unlearned this...this simple and pure listening. Just as you listen to a bird in the morning...for a moment... you may want to sit down, close the eyes, and just listen. In the same way, I may have something to give to you.

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