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First Shot
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First Shot on CD

This is the latest project from One In The Chamber Productions. Everything was done in house all the way down to the artwork and photography. We handle everything in house cutting out the middleman and bring profits to where they belong, the artists. 'One in the Chamber' (O.I.T.C.) is a metaphor for being prepared. This company was founded by US Marines and Former Marines or Service men who know what being unprepared can mean. These individuals helped O.I.T.C. rise above the average entertainment company and put forth the same effort into it as they did in life threatening situations during time served. OITC is a production company & studio designed to assist the needs of a person requiring different services in order to create a finished music product. The business accommodates the complete needs of the music visionary. Our goal is to create an environment that is new and afresh to the Jacksonville area by providing a place to create, edit, and focus on music entertainment while accomplishing the visionary's short and long term goal. The customer determines how much help they need from 'One in the Chamber'. The production company can assist with studio, placing the entertainer's music in the stores, or obtaining play on the local radio stations. 'One in the Chamber' desires to assist the local entertainer with accomplishing their short and long-term goals. As promised One In The Chamber is now 100% debt free as of April 1st 2004.