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New Beginnings
  • Artist: Onetothe4thpower
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 796873069373
  • Item #: SRD306937
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 5/27/2008
  • This product is a special order
Price: $16.76
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New Beginnings on CD

Onetothe4thpower begins in Hawaii. Randy, Gregg, and Byl have a dream to share their music with the world. They start performing in magical places like the Chinese Cemetery in Manoa, and on a water tower up on Tantalus, a mountain overlooking the city of Honolulu. The three friends travel to California, near Los Angeles, where they meet Lane, also a songwriter, a guitarist, and vocalist and their blend in music and friendship is perfect. They play music for many years, meet many interesting people and travel to many places all over the United States. Although the band members go their separate ways, their love for the music they play and the dream of sharing this music with the world never dies. And so, they reunite in 2004. With Byl, Gregg and Randy living on different islands in Hawaii, and Lane living on Lopez Island in Washington State, they decide to share their musical parts with each other, and rehearse "on-line". After weeks of rehearsal they all meet and begin recording their "Like A Dream" CD in a greenhouse on property owned by Byl's wife Burni's family, where Byl and his son Abe operate a plant nursery. They finish their "Like A Dream" CD on Maui at JML Productions. Now, 4 years later, after again sharing their music and rehearsing "on-line" together, they meet on Maui to record their 2nd CD, "New Beginnings". This new CD of 12 original songs embraces the theme that we all create new beginnings everyday in each of our lives. The opening song, "Drifting" speaks of the timelessness all musicians' experience "drifting" within the magic of "lifting song". The song, "Somewhere Between" sings of that place in our lives between "sunsets and dreams" where lives our imagination. The title song, "New Beginnings", invites everybody to celebrate Life's gift of renewal. "Lucky Man" is a powerful song that finds it's strength in the gratitude of sharing lives within the love between a wife and husband. "Y-O-U" and "Too Much To Lose" share common themes of hope in knowing that "you can be what you want to be", with gratitude for all the good in our lives, so, "hold it to your heart and don't you dare drop it, 'cause I'll tell you why...too much to lose". This is CD holds original "feel good" music performed by Gregg Soleta on drums, stylish percussion and vocals...Byl Leonard on guitar, sharing beautiful lead guitar parts and lead vocals...Lane Langford on guitar with his unique tunings and wonderfully strong lead vocals...and Randy Yamabe with his creative fretless bass style and singing lead vocal on the title track, "New Beginnings". This special CD was produced, recorded and mixed, by James Leonard of JML Productions on Maui. When you get home, unwrap this CD, kick back, close your eyes, and let the music of Gregg, Byl, Lane and Randy, take you to a place in your own world, where Life is Good!

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