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Steel Hearts
  • Artist: Only Sons
  • UPC: 884502117158
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  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 6/24/2009
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Steel Hearts on CD

Kent Goolsby, Blake Loftis, and Jonathan Merritt have been playing music together since they were 16 years old. Throughout their journey, the gang has seen many musicians come and go. Notable for The Only Sons was the loss of fiddle player Rebecca Ryan. However, her replacement by Andrew Mosiman and the solid lap steel/lead guitar sounds of Mike Burgess has left this band with a tight-knit group. When asked how the alternative country sound of The Only Sons spawned, Goolsby explained that he grew up in a home filled with his parents' vinyl collection which included artists such as The Band, Bob Dylan, Fleetwood Mac, and Neil Young. Kent said, 'I didn't really get it [Southern music] growing up because I always played punk music. Right around the time that we [his former band] were going in our weirdest direction, I starting thinking that I would just like to write real songs. I started having trouble finding purpose in really weird music. I was just losing my drive.' This new direction birthed The Only Sons, initially known as Ribbonpigeon, and (a few years later) it's first full-length release, 'Young Lungs,' a nine-song collection that kicks off with the immediately catchy 'Modern Men.' From here, the album progresses down a warm path of poetic lyricism and the Southern sounds that have put Nashville on the map. 'Devil Wind,' recorded only with acoustic guitar and Goolsby's raspy vocals, stands out as an evocative creation. Tracks like 'Do You Wrong' and 'Bad News' are quickly characterized by demanding lead guitar divisions and driving bass lines. 'Young Lungs' is clearly an album into which these guys poured a whole lot of heart. Now, less than a year later, The Only Sons are stoked to release their second full-length recording. Focusing more on memorable songwriting and less on poetic verse, 'Steel Hearts' will feature 12 new tracks. While originally released as a free download from, 'Steel Hearts' will now be sold as a physical album with artwork. Working with a brand new recording setup at Grand Palace Records seemed to be an amazing experience for the band. Goolsby described Grand Palace as an incredible studio and said, 'It was so much fun. I miss it already.' Along with members of The Only Sons, 'Steel Hearts' will feature guest appearances by members of Zombie Bazooka Patrol and some contributing vocals from Joey Kneiser (Glossary). As for the future, The Only Sons plan consists of playing shows, then playing some more shows, and when that is done, playing some more shows. Alongside conventional venues and bars, the boys also plan to perform at more houses and art spaces in the promising months to come. -LANDIN E. KING.