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Organic Mechanic
  • Artist: Organic Mechanic
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 751937135029
  • Item #: CDBY35029
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 7/30/2002
  • This product is a special order
Price: $14.69
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Organic Mechanic on CD

Self titled debut offering from Organic Mechanic, a Portland, Oregon based quartet who both infect the mind with catchy riffs and melodies, while challenging the listener to come along to fresh musical territories. Simultaneously uninhibited and intellectual. This group is fast winning over converts throughout the Northwest, and their current crop of songs has been harvested for this album. The band is the brain-child of Patrick Finn, a man who has gathered a great wealth of musical ideas from years of playing music with a wide variety of musicians. Patrick has teamed up with three other veteran musicians of rock, hip hop, jazz, reggae, and funk: virtuoso saxophonist Joe Cunningham, bassist Allan and drummer Talbott Guthrie, all of whom have rocked it in numerous successful Northwestern bands in recent years. They have joined their considerable forces to record a fantastic debut album. ALBUM REVIEWS 'Organic Mechanic somehow takes the loose, colorful, seemingly incompatible strands of funk and power-pop and ties them up as tight as a whalebone corset on a, um, whale. With melodies that wrinkle and stretch like Weezer's sweater and saxified rhythms that bounce enough to take Stevie Wonder to his higher ground, Organic Mechanic pulls off a nifty little trick. But how does one build a fanbase with something like this? Music this quirky may find itself too smart for it's own good in a world full of mindless clones. Which would be more than a shame - it might even be a damn crime. What's the Measure 11 sentence for ignorance?' -Willamette Week (John Graham) 10/10/01 'Organic Mechanic is weird. They somehow get away with having a rock 'n' roll edge, a jazzy saxophonist, and a loud big band sound, and yet they're not annoying. The production on their new self-titled CD is amazing, so that may be what's swaying me--but their guitar playing is really clear and adept, and the vocals mix well, so that might be it too. They're a little funky, and a little jammy, but they're also a Little Rock--which is the good part.' -Portland Mercury (Katie Shimer) 10/4/01.

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