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Sound Helmet
  • Artist: Organism
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 747728970528
  • Item #: CDBY897052
  • Genre: Jazz
  • Release Date: 10/2/2007
Price: $13.19
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Sound Helmet on CD

Think Groove Collective, Sex Mob, Soulive, and MMW. Organism takes groove based improvisation to a whole new level, combining funk, rock, latin, and drum n bass into unforgettable compositions. Hailing from Boston, these four ubiquitous musicians jam together onstage as one while holding down a solid groove that compels one to move at least eleven muscles in synchronicity with the music. This band continues to expand their following throughout New England. Sound Helmet is a recording of this band playing live in the studio, showcasing not only various compositional styles, but jamming solos and interaction. The final layer of this production adds subtle yet tasty alterations that will tweak your brain and make you feel happy. '...a remarkable self-produced and self-released debut recording that exudes a variety of pulsating grooves. The in a jazz-funk-Latin vein that both offers a variety of tonal colors without sacrificing the core grooves and serves as a starting point for exceptional solos from all the group members. All in all, a solidly superb debut CD.' -Alan Chase, the Wire/NH Northeast Performer reviews Sound Helmet: 'Organism's debut, Sound Helmet, resounds with tight, acid jazz grooves and hints of drum n' bass, rock, and Latin stylings. Capitalizing on the energy of their extended improvisational sections, this Boston-based quartet offers a collective sound comparable to jazz/funk powerhouse Soulive and fusion greats Tribal Tech. These comparisons, however, should be used loosely, as their instrumentation and individual styles ultimately differentiate them from their musical peers. Organism is comprised of Steve Giannaros on saxophone, guitarist Brian Leccese, John Corda on organ/keyboards/bass and drummer Pete MacLean, all of whom display superior technical mastery. The opener, "Two Percent Higher," launches with Leccese laying down a soulful intro guitar riff which, two bars later, is joined by a characteristically tight medium-tempo funk groove and saxophone melody. Following individual solos, the group flawlessly slides into spacey bridges driven by soundscapes of synth and wah-infused guitar filler. Their impressive cover of Joshua Redman's "Jazz Crimes" is a highly syncopated funk romp, showcasing MacLean's solo chops in an extended, song-concluding vamp. .... The sound quality and production is top-notch and crisp.... Sound Helmet is a contemporary take of groove-based jazz with a nod to the days of fusion's past. However, anyone with an ear for improvisational interplay and danceable rhythms can and will appreciate this effort.' -Sam Merrick From a fan: 'Opened my mailbox, strapped on my Sound Helmet and cranked 'er up. Fantastic!!!! The sound is amazing as well as the tunes themselves. I know the time and effort that went into it, congratulations to Organism on a fine CD. (also, love the artwork depicting Toad) CD Baby is a first class operation, got my package in two days of the order with the standard postage.'

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