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Our Beginning Otis Byrd, Jr., an anointed director and Praise and Worship leader, founded Adoration in 2007. He believes that if people from different churches and cultures can come together in peace to praise and worship Jesus the Christ, then eventually our mission for the gospel to be spread throughout all nations would come to pass from the saints of God being on one accord. His vision of tapping into the presence of God and entering into His dwelling place is carried out through his dedication to praise and worship and the true function of the choir within the body. Our Vision We proclaim that the Ministry of Adoration shall go forth to all nations and profess the miracles, the redeeming power, the salvation, the crucifixion, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus the Christ, to those who have heard and not heard of our Father, experienced His anointing, or witnessed the lifestyle of those who worship, love, follow, and obey Him in spirit and in truth. Our visionary has set forth the vision of working until the Savior comes back, in which everyday is spent dwelling the presence of the Lord. Learning from our experiences, good and bad, and proclaiming the blood and it's power over any situation, circumstance and stronghold within our lives and ministry and most importantly adoring God in every endeavor. Our Mission The ministry of Adoration leadership and membership will live a life that is pleasing and acceptable to Christ. In this, we will minister to the unsaved through the experiences that we have learned from thus producing a sound and powerful testimony that will save souls not just through song but through our witness effecting nations of people. Our Objectives Under the leadership of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and chosen vessel of provision Founder & Director Otis B. Byrd, we will serve the ministry with dedication, minister through song with compassion and conviction of the Holy Spirit, operate in the Spirit of Christ, live according to the Holy Bible, serve in a capacity that is pleasing and acceptable to Christ within this ministry and our lives.