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Time Is How You Spend Your Love
  • Artist: Paisley Jura
  • UPC: 844667022018
  • Item #: CDBY702201
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 11/30/2010
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Time Is How You Spend Your Love on CD

"An old soul chanteuse with savvy pop sensibilities" - The Globe & Mail "An unadorned voice that rings clear and true" - NOW Magazine "Bring a box of Kleenex" - Edmonton VUE Weekly "A folksy collection of starry melodies" - Vancouver Courier "One of the most promising lights above the Canadian music scene horizon" - Kamloops Daily News Paisley Jura comes to pop music through the side door, bringing her two hundred year old double bass with her. These days Paisley and her bass hop from plane to train and automobile (as well as the occasional canoe) as they traverse Canada. She takes her bass with her almost everywhere, but it's not to play in a classical orchestra this time around. Now she calls the tune - and the tunes are her own collection of sophisticated pop songs delivered with a voice as clear as a bell. Paisley grew up as the lone artist among a pack of health professionals where it was assumed she would follow suit in the family business. After taking up the double bass at age 12 (because girls did not play bass!), her squeamishness for the grittier side of medicine prevailed and she found herself in an occupation where her hands are always squeaky clean - music: playing, teaching and managing. Her resume includes degrees in music and education, training at the National Youth Orchestra of Canada (NYO) and the Banff Centre for Fine Arts, management positions at both the NYO and the Royal Conservatory of Music, and years of experience performing in professional orchestras, chamber groups and pit bands. Paisley's songs are hooky vignettes with twists of sophisticated harmony and subtle orchestration that steadfastly refuse categorization. She flips easily between Canadian folk, cabaret, jazz, Celtic, country and pop, tying it all together with her compelling lyrics and ethereal voice. You can hear the wide palette of Brahms, Sibelius, Bach, Stravinsky, Mahler, and Kurt Weill contrasted with the simple stories of Johnny Cash or Emmylou Harris. Her voice has the innocent quality of a young Ella Fitzgerald; her songs can mimic the open acoustic jangle of Pat Metheny Group; the rawness of Tom Waits; or the directness and later experimentation of Jane Siberry, Joni Mitchell and Bjork. She is, according to The Globe & Mail, 'an old-soul chanteuse with savvy pop sensibilities.' Paisley's debut EP Time In Between (released January 2009) received extensive radio play on CBC and college stations, reaching Number One at Toronto's CIUT and breaking the Top 10 at CFBX in her hometown of Halifax. Produced by four-time Gemini-winning film composer Robert Carli, Time In Between featured an all-star cast of Toronto musicians including Kurt Swinghammer, Davide Direnzo and Andrew Downing. The critics loved it, calling the record "a sweet respite in this brief restless life" (The Globe and Mail) and "a folksy collection of starry melodies" (Vancouver Courier), with Toronto's NOW Magazine praising Paisley's "voice that rings clear and true", and the Edmonton Vue Weekly advising "bring a box of Kleenex." Invitations to perform at festival stages across Canada soon followed, including the East Coast Music Awards in Cornerbrook, Newfoundland, North By North East and Yonge-Dundas Square. Two music videos from Time In Between ('Sweetness' and 'Timing'), produced and directed by Gemini-nominated film editor Paul Day, are in rotation on Bravo and Paisley has been featured on CBC Radio's Fresh Air, City TV Calgary's Breakfast Television, and Bravo's Arts & Minds series. Her single 'Forgotten Ones' is still in rotation on a dozen Canadian commercial radio stations. Paisley Jura's newest release, the full-length album Time Is How You Spend Your Love came out October 26, 2010. Working with Barenaked Ladies' producer and multi-JUNO winner Michael Phillip Wojewoda, Paisley created a collection of enigmatic and transporting songs that arrive like wind sifting through branches, gently brushing past and raising gooseflesh. At times lyrical and whimsical, other times flat-out gorgeous and heavy with sadness, Time Is How You Spend Your Love, takes up the cinematic thread of Time In Between where hope and sorrow inexorably intertwine into a state of wonder and serenity. Arrangements on her new record break pop rules time after time - minimalist patterns à la Steve Reich build and overlap and then break back down into groove; avant-garde montages create soundscapes more familiar to listeners of Boulez than Bublé. Several songs are accompanied only by classical string quartet, scored by Juno and SOCAN winning composers Andrew Downing and Robert Carli. In other songs, bandmates Mark Kelso's joyous drumming and Jamie Stager's gritty trombone are the perfect foil for Paisley's graceful and vivacious acoustic bass, poignant lyrics and evocative imagery. Her sumptuous vocals teeter on brink of breakdown and then collapse into a mother's soothing lullaby. Reaction to the recording has been swift and positive. In the first three weeks of release, the album has charted on college radio across the country; the track Dans Le Jardin was nominated for the 2010 Ontario Arts Council Colleen Peterson Songwriting Award; and the "Circle" video has been featured on Bravo!'s Playlist and added to their rotation. Live, Paisley Jura continues to push boundaries and break down walls. In 2009 she created the Secret Rooms series, a group of site-specific installations that presented her band alongside such artists as Alejandra Ribera and the Madawaska String Quartet in unexplored concert spaces in the city of Toronto. The 2009-10 series featured shows held in the Officer's Mess of the Canadian Military College, Great Lakes Brewery, and a soaring studio in the National Ballet School of Canada, and earned her a nomination for BEST LIVE ARTIST at the Toronto Independent Music Awards. Planning for the 2010-11 Secret Rooms season is underway and will include film, opera and circus artists in yet to be announced spaces. Paisley's Time Is How Your Spend Your Love cross-Canada tour commenced at Hugh's Room in Toronto on October 26, and will include appearances at Phog Lounge (Windsor), London Music Hall and the Railway Club (Vancouver). Paisley Jura is an original, tailor-made for an increasingly faceless music scene in desperate need of strong, innovative and self-determined individuals. Move over Kate Bush, Bjork, Mary Margaret O'Hara, and Joanna Newsom, and make room for one more.