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  • Brand: Z Man
  • UPC: 841333111038
  • Item #: 2332011X
  • Available Date: 10/6/2020
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1962. The height of the Cold War. In the third and final installment of the Pandemic Legacy trilogy, players take on the roles of medical specialists turned CIA agents to investigate and prevent the development of a deadly Soviet bioweapon. Travel the world using carefully constructed aliases, seeking out the enemy and uncovering their secrets. As you complete missions over the course of 12 months, every success, failure, and decision will determine the course of history. Can you save humanity from this dangerous new biothreat?

Product Details

  • The third and final installment of the best-selling Pandemic Legacy trilogy
  • An exciting, high-stakes story unfolding over 12+ sessions and hours of gameplay
  • A complete booklet with narrative entries for each objective—each mission brings you closer to discovering the truth
  • Thematic components including passports for each character with 3 customizable aliases, along with sculpted plastic agents, vans, and safehouses
  • Completing Seasons 1 or 2 is not required to play and enjoy Season 0, though interconnected themes and details enhance the narrative experience
  • Contents: 1 Board, 4 Passports, 4 Pawns, 9 Team figures, 8 Safehouses, 36 Agent figures, 35 Markers, 3 Sticker sheets, 4 Reference sheets, 134 Legacy cards, 151 other cards, 3 Dossiers, 8 Safe Deposit Boxes, 1 Rulebook, 1 Debrief book, and much more!
  • 2-4 Players
  • Ages 14 and above
  • Average game time: 60 minutes
  • Size: 14.5 x 10.6 x 3 inches
  • Country of origin: China

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