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Paranormal Highway S1 with Bonus Disc on DVD

5 episodes + Extra Documentary, 329 min of mysteries!

Across the planet more and more people are reporting – reporting with greater frequency – encounters with aliens, ghosts, Bigfoot, orbs, Forces messing with electronics, life-changing synchronicities and a variety of psi phenomena. Many occurring in a single geographical area we call a paranormal hotspot.

In this series we visit five reported paranormal hotspots to see if we can verify at least four kinds of occurrences of paranormal phenomena… Phenomena that cannot be explained by the scientific world of ordinary space/ time, objects and singular causes and effects. And further we will test the hypotheses that humans, to some extent, are creating these paranormal hotspots or “Skinwalker Ranch” phenomena.


1 – The Paranormal Northwest (48min)

  • The team heads to the Pacific Northwest to pick up the trail of Bigfoot and related unexplained events.

2 – Ghosts and UFOs (45min)

  • Investigators travel to the northern Front Range of Colorado and the surrounding abandoned mining towns to find ghosts, apparitions and strange moving objects.

3 - The Impossible in the Ouachitas (47min)

  • The team heads to Board Camp Crystal Mine in Arkansas were reports of remarkable paranormal phenomena have been frequently occurring.

4 - Hauntings and Apparitions (46min)

  • Investigators travel to Cheyenne, Wyoming, which is called the most haunted city in the United States.

5 - Beast of Bray Road and Bigfoot (43min)

  • The team partner up with Bigfoot researcher, Jay Bachochin, who takes them to a Bigfoot hotspot as they also search for "The Beast of Bray Road."

Extra Documentary: Alien Contact in the Rockies (99min)

  • Since 1967, when Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin shot their famous footage of a Bigfoot in Northern California, people all over the world have tried to confirm or deny the existence of a hairy ape-man… A hairy ape-man elusively living in remote forested regions of the planet. After over 50 years of massive efforts to find or photograph one, what we have instead is thousands of first-hand accounts of brief glimpses of, or encounters with, a Bigfoot, as well as numerous casts of giant solitary footprints… And many bizarre reports of strange phenomena associated with Bigfoot.
  • In the second decade of the 21st century the tide began to turn as more evidence began pointing to the possibility Bigfoot was something para-physical… Something perhaps even alien in nature.
  • We set out in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado to explore the possibility that Bigfoot is alien in nature. The Rockies are known for mysterious and unexplained occurrences that cluster around paranormal hotspots. The team have dramatic, unexpected interactions with supernatural beings and strange creatures that emerge from a portal.