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P Lentz Project
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 683884047721
  • Item #: SRD404772
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 5/23/2006
  • This product is a special order
  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $18.05

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P Lentz Project on CD

The musical creations of 'The P Lentz Project' are all the compositions coming from one man by the name of Patrick Lentz. With his contagious sound and smooth vocals, Pat shows the energy and power of inspiring solo artist as well as an accomplished band leader with a talented voice and accomplished guitar playing. Pure emotion and passion channeled through his music are shot threw each listener's ears and deep down into the soul. 'When I write lyrics I try to deal with issues that push the limits of morality and music. Through my experiences, I try to absorb all that is human nature. Life is beautiful both in suffering and joy. I take in everything I possibly can from my perception and those of other people I come across. I have an unsurpassed desire to seek out and understand why people make the decisions they make and the reasons that have influenced the paths they have taken in life.' Says Lentz. In his lyrics, Patrick addresses the struggles that young Americans deal with: the threat of war, the corruption of politics, addiction, money, love, growth, and the search for faith. With the debut EP 'The P Lentz Project' still in the works, Pat plans to raise the bar and go above and beyond his peers by creating music with real substance. Understanding Patrick Lentz's drive and talent is obvious in all of his music. His music is truly inspirational, yet easy to relate to. The majority of Patrick's life has been spent growing up in the Kansas City area. Patrick has had a rich infusion of music since the day he was born. He has been blessed not only with genuine talent but also a chance to have formal training. Patrick was in choirs for church during his childhood and upon entering high school, Patrick took part in his high school travel choir. Through choir he achieved '1' ratings on solo work at state contest and the honors of all state choir. After high school Pat took his abilities to the next level and attended Central Missouri State University on a vocal scholarship. All through out college, Pat has been inspiring audiences all over the Midwest selling CD's, drawing crowds, and making a name for himself. In his endeavors to promote his incredible message and music, Patrick Lentz has been traveling and playing all through the Mid-West. He has had an enormous response from the local venues he has performed. This unfortunately is not enough for Patrick. His music is his life and he believes in the message he brings to audiences. Take a moment and listen to the tracks of 'The P Lentz Project'. His tunes will not only please your ear but also satisfy your thirst for real music.