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“Remember, dear reader: Beauty is in the smize of the beholder. When you kick perfection to the curb once and for all and embrace your beauty, your booty, and your whole flawsome self, ain’t nobody gonna be shouting love for you louder than us.”—from Perfect Is Boring

In Perfect Is Boring, Tyra Banks and her mother, Carolyn London, share the life lessons Carolyn has taught Tyra—and continues to teach her!—that have shaped Tyra into the strong, megasuccessful woman she is. Mother and daughter speak candidly about how their unbreakable bond has helped them both overcome challenges and obstacles, in the hopes of empowering women everywhere to realize that perfect really isn’t all that. Why? As Tyra puts it, “The only way to live a perfect life is to not take risks, to just sit in a little box and never go after what you want or reach for your goals (because, God forbid, ya could try and ya could fail, and that sho’ ain’t perfect).”

Full of smart, wise, and often hilarious lessons for readers—including “Take Responsibility for Yourself,” “Lip Gloss + Pizza Sauce = Boss,” and “Fix It or Flaunt It,”—Perfect Is Boring is a must-read for women everywhere.

About the Author

Tyra Banks is the supermodel, super entrepreneur and super CEO of our time. As an original Victoria’s Secret angel, the first African American model to be featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, and the creator/executive producer of one of the longest-running reality shows, America’s Next Top Model, Tyra has made it her life’s mission to expand the definition of beauty and to help empower women everywhere. In 2012, she graduated from the Owner/President Management program at Harvard Business School, and she has since taught at Stanford University Business School as a visiting professor. Most recently, Tyra took on the role of America’s favorite host on NBC’s America’s Got Talent in one of its most watched seasons.

Carolyn London is a retired professional photographer, mother of Tyra and her brother, Devin, and CEO emeritus of the Tyra Banks Company.

Product Details

  • Hardcover: 320 pages
  • Publisher: TarcherPerigee
  • Self-Help / Motivational & Inspirational

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