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  • Artist: Pete Krebs
  • Label: Cavity Search
  • UPC: 789507611918
  • Item #: 1526730X
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 10/30/2015
List Price: $23.98
Price: $21.23
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Brigadier on LP

Limited 20th Anniversary vinyl LP pressing of the debut solo record by Pete Krebs, the front-man singer/songwriter for many acclaimed bands such as Thrillhammer, Hazel, Golden Delicious, Stolen Sweets, The Earnest Lovers, etc. In 1995, Cavity Search Records released Thrillhammer and Hazel front man Pete Krebs' first solo record Brigadier to exceptional critical and popular praise. The stark and stripped down instrumentation, arrangements and genius songwriting, informed by the dark and damp city, caught the ear of the underground - and aurally marked a specific time and place: 20 years ago - 1995 Portland Oregon. One thing that has not changed over the years, and this is obvious and apparent to those of us who really live in Portland, is the dark place that is heard so clearly in Brigadier. It is not hidden by the pretend world that exists only in the minds of those who are observers of this small city. The minor chords and Krebs' soft and intimate singing on the LP echo the dark skies and wet bricks of the eight month long rainy season. The club that provides a damp warmth on cold and rainy nights. The melancholic tone peppered with shards of hope perfectly reflect the few and fleeting sun breaks. By Krebs' own description the record is a "document." This document's 12 pop masterpieces perfectly communicate the palpable feeling of the true Portland. Twenty years after it was recorded in a basement - 2015 - Brigadier sounds like it could have been recorded in that basement yesterday. And really - that truly means it is timeless - communicating as a document of a time and place and translating perfectly into the soundtrack for here and now.

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