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No Compromise
  • Artist: Pure
  • UPC: 884502541410
  • Item #: SRD254141
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 10/12/2010
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  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $14.69
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No Compromise on CD

The vision behind this album, No Compromise, is firstly to be a resource for the Pure Theatre Company but more importantly we want it to be a tool for communicating the 'Pure message' to a wider audience. As we work with young people in different settings, we want them to be able to take something home with them that acts as a reminder of all that they have experienced in their time with us. We also want people who haven't experienced our work first hand to be able to hear our songs, read of our heart for this generation and catch the vision. It is so hard for young people today to live a 'no compromise' life, they need to be resourced, supported and encouraged to do so. We believe that this album will form a part of the support that we can offer to the young people that we work with. Writing and producing music that speaks powerfully to the hearts of young people has always been at the heart of Pure's vision. Music has the awesome ability of being able to take the message of God's truth into places it could not normally go to. In all that Pure does we aim to do things God's way and in doing that there is a counterculture message that goes with it. God made each of us uniquely different, beautiful, and precious and with an awesome calling that is totally possible in his strength. God's ways are not the same as our human ways and in all we do we want our work to reflect this. So the vision is: songs that transform, usher God's presence into rooms, bring hope and restoration, are anointed, powerful and infectious. That they work with our theatre productions and bring God's abundant life wherever they are played!