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  • Artist: Rajeev Taranath
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  • Genre: International
  • Release Date: 10/13/2009
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Internationally acclaimed Indian classical instrumentalist Rajeev Taranath performs Raga Sindhu Bharavi Ragmala. Traditionally a morning raga, this variant of the important traditional Raga Bhairavi includes all notes in the scale and derives much of it's ideas from folk and light music as well as classical. After the tabla enters in the 'gat' second on Track 2, other ragas may enter - come and go in the traditional approach to the lighter classical raga-malas. The approach that Rajeev Taranath takes is highly imaginative and reflects the distinct style of the Maihar gharana or lineage, demonstrating a probing expansivesness that is reminiscent of his guru the legendary Ustad Ali Akbar Khan. Biography: Born into a highly creative family from Bangalore, India, Taranath began studying music, song and poetry with his father at a very early age. As a teenager, he attended a concert featuring classical Indian music that would forever change his life and artistic path. Under the tutelage of the great sarod maestro Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, Taranath became dedicated to the sarod, the lyrical, deeply resonant relative of the lute. Today, nearly 40 years later, Taranath is considered one of India's top classical instrumentalists and his performances masterfully combine the depth and rigor of traditional Hindustani classical music with inspired imagination and emotional intensity. For this, Taranath has received wide acclaim, including the Indian Government's highest honor for the classical performing arts, the prestigious Sangeet Natak Akademi award. Currently living in Mysore, India, Taranath travels worldwide both teaching and performing. Over his expansive career, his concerts have included performances at major Indian music venues and internationally at universities, conservatories and world music festivals. His performance of classical ragas -highly textured patterns of melody- offer the listener an understanding of the tremendous scope of traditional North Indian classical music. Arts writer for the New York Times, Edward Rothstein, said of Taranath's performance: "Rajeev Taranath's sarod improvisations mixed the spiritual and the spirited...the raga began with introspective meditation and proceeded into an exuberant rhythmic celebration." Taranath's credentials as a researcher/educator are as impressive as his track record as an artist. A noted linguist and lover of language, he speaks eight languages fluently and holds a PhD in English literature from the University of Mysore. As a Ford Foundation scholar, he researched one of the most important lineages of classical Indian music, the Maihar-Allauddin Gharana. Additionally, from 1995-2005, Taranath served on the music faculty of the California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles. For Taranath, music transforms both musician and audience: "The performer, as T.S.Eliot says, lives at a conscious point where past and future are gathered. He has all the richness of the past, waiting to pass it on to the future." Joining Taranath on tabla on this recording is long time collaborator and acclaimed percussionist Abhiman Kaushal. Mr. Kaushal is a sought-after concert accompanist and soloist and is presently on the faculty at UCLA. Bio text: Claudette Silver 'Taranath is making music that moves sublimely from brooding introspection to climaxes of breathtaking excitement.' - New Classic/Online World Music Magazine, 2003 Taranath's sarod pulls heart strings...the audience was moved by the strength and emotional intensity of the music.' - Express, New Delhi, 2001 "It was a great performance from Rajeev Taranath at the NCPA. Bombay's connossieurs will certainly love to hear him more often..." - Mohan Nadkarni, The Times of India "Rajeev Taranath commenced his concert with a presentation of Rag Yaman ... a deeply introspective alap, complicated jhala and richly embellished madhyalaya gat, followed by drut and atidrut gats revealing his amazing taiyyari... it was a concert to be stored in one's memory.' - Susheela Misra, The Sunday Times of India, Lucknow 'Rajeev Taranath's sarod improvisations mixed the spiritual and the spirited...the raga began with introspective meditation and proceeded into an exuberant rhythmic celebration.' - Edward Rothstein, The New York Times 1982 'One can detect, in the very first notes played by Rajeev Taranath, the inimitable mark left by his master Ali Akbar Khan. The same steady touch combines with a depth both forceful and caressing. A miraculous resonance and coherence together with a uniquely dense tonality pervade his music.' - Christian Ledoux, Theatre de Ville 2008 "What a lovely mind for 'swara' and tone Rajeev Taranath displays! Each note leaves a lovely, languishing trail of tone behind it.' - The Economic Times, New Delhi 2002 "luminous...the great beauty and sophistication of Indian classical music became clear." - Don Heckman, The Los Angeles Times, 1998 Rajeev Taranath's tone is radiant and rich, charged with the sensitivity of his soul....' - The Hindu, Delhi, May 2001.