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Bless the Lord O My Soul
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479360688
  • Item #: SRD936068
  • Release Date: 11/29/2005
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Bless the Lord O My Soul on CD

NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD ON I-TUNES, NAPSTER,& MORE!!! 'Don't IMpress, EXpress.' While I studied voice at Indiana University I learned an important spiritual lesson that has stuck with me. Learning to sing was often a frustrating struggle, many many times I felt I would never figure it out. I was praying regularly about this. Not asking God to give me a great voice, but just striving to understand His purpose for me and to be guided on the path that was best for my spiritual growth. Eventually it became clear that that I was too focused on trying to produce an 'impressive' sound, like I heard on my favorite recordings and that I needed to strive to simply express God in everything I did and forget about impressing others. (Or even myself!) I simplified it to: 'Don't IMpress, EXpress.' This more humble approach brought greater peace and confidence and eventually enabled me to sing with greater ease and control. Hi! Thanks for checking out my CD! This collection includes many familiar sacred songs as well as some lesser known works with biblical texts. I wrote the music for track 15-'Feed My Sheep.' Other than that, there's not much I can say, but to encourage you to listen to the tracks and decide for yourself. Here's the list of what's on this CD with the composers names to help more clearly identify the songs: 1. Psalm 23 - The Bird's Song__Ralph Vaughn Williams 2. Love is Kind (En Priere)___Gabriel Faure 3. Psalm 8___Isadore Freed 4. Mark the Perfect Man__Clement Barker 5. In the End of the Sabbath__Oley Speaks 6. Thine is the Greatness____J. Lamont Galbraith 7. Psalm 103____Cesar Franck 8. Arise, Shine for thy Light is Come__James MacDermid 9. Come to the Waters___Luigi Cherubini 10. Bring ye all the Tithes___James MacDermid 11. Fear not ye, O Israel____Dudley Buck 12. Psalm 91____James MacDermid 13. The Lord's Prayer___Albert Hay Malotte 14. For the Mountains Shall Depart___James MacDermid 15. 'Feed My Sheep'____Randall S. Updegraff 16. Psalm 23 (reprise)__Ralph Vaughn Williams I've always loved music; my family did a lot of singing, especially on road trips. I started writing songs when I was 12, was in a rock band in high school and early college, got into classical music and started studying voice. My singing career has mostly consisted of singing solos in churches for the past twenty years. (If you have trouble hearing the tracks email me, I'll be glad to help with tips that helped me.) God Bless and thank you for stopping by.

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