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  • Brand: Del Rey
  • Theme: Magic the Gathering
  • UPC: 9781984817457
  • Item #: 2094957X
  • Available Date: 4/23/2019
  • Model Number: 9781984817457
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An official novel set in the world of Magic The Gathering—the collectible card game played by millions—featuring iconic characters on an Avengers-style mission.

Planeswalkers, powerful mages from many disparate realities, must unite against the elder dragon Nicol Bolas, who has claimed dominion over Ravnica and is perilously close to completing the spell that will grant him godhood. Now, as dozens of Planeswalkers fight alongside the Gatewatch—led by Chandra Nalaar, Jace Beleren, and Gideon Jura—against Bolas and his relentless army of Eternals, nothing less than the fate of the multiverse is at stake.

Story Locale: The World of Magic: The Gathering

About the Author:

Greg Weisman’s career in television and comic books spans decades. After starting as an editor for DC Comics, where he also wrote Captain Atom, he created and developed Disney’s original series Gargoyles, later writing the Gargoyles and Gargoyles: Bad Guys comic books for SLG Publishing. He has worked as a writer, producer, story editor, and voice actor on Sony’s The Spectacular Spider-Man and Warner Bros.’ Young Justice, and as a writer and executive producer on the first season of Star Wars Rebels. His comic book writing credits include DC’s Young Justice, Star Wars Kanan, and Marvel’s Starbrand & Nightmask. Weisman also wrote the original novels Rain of the Ghosts and Spirits of Ash and Foam, as well as the World of Warcroft novels World of Warcraft: Traveler and World of Warcraft: Traveler: The Spiral Path. He is blessed to have an amazing wife and two fantastic (grownup) kids.

Product Details

  • Hardcover: 304 pages
  • Publisher: Del Rey
  • Fiction / Fantasy / Action & Adventure