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Come to Jesus
  • Artist: Rev. Tina Redden
  • UPC: 884502839203
  • Item #: 642047X
  • Genre: Christian
  • Release Date: 8/6/2009
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  • Rank: 1000000000
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Come to Jesus on CD

APTGJHG None of our own but through the thoughtfulness, Goodness and Grace of The Lord; Come To Jesus, He gives us the faith to believe in what we sing about and to try to live the lives in which we sing about. Daily lives are blessed and supported by Coming To Jesus and giving our hearts to God. Jesus was sent by our God to hand us our salvation served on a silver platter: that thought alone makes us want to "Come To Jesus". Through the leadership of God the Father, Jesus Christ our Savior, and the Holy Ghost all songs in this CD are written and performed by Rev. Tina Redden. In this, Rev's 12th CD; Again we see Rev. Redden in the form of Musician also; as she plays 14 various instruments to sound like a 'ONE WOMAN GOSPEL BAND OR 'ONE WOMAN GOSPEL FRENZY' (AS THE UK CALLS HER) in the absence of The Spirit Of Truth Band, In this collection we again hear the heartfelt songs and praises to God the Father, Jesus the Son and Savior and the Holy Ghost. These songs walk us through the wonderful word of God, Our Holy Bible. Again the songs says an 'I Love You To The Lord' Listen and be inspired Recently the blessed Rev has been engaged in performances in Canada, UK, Japan, Uganda, and Benin West Africa as well as across the USA. To date Rev Tina Redden has written over 267 songs ll Gospel Rev Tina Host the long running television show "The Gospel Showcase Show" which airs in 11 US States and Kenya Africa. Redden also host "The Rev Tina Redden Show" station WDYN Rochester New York 100.3 All songs written by Rev. Tina Redden Rev. Tina Redden Contralto Lead, made her singing debut at age 10, ordained a Reverend at 15 years old, her voice has been continuously compared to outstanding performers such as Mahalia Jackson and Mavis Staple. At times you can hear a hint of Sam Cooke's legendary 'La Da Da'. Redden who plays a number of instruments (14 at last count) plays all instrumentals heard on the album: Jesus Your My King of Kings, and His Inspiration has been deemed a prodigy in the music world. Raised in a strict Pentecostal family, the youngest child of nine, born to a Minister father and a Missionary mother. She learned from an early childhood, the importance of singing to the Lord. Redden was ordained a Rev at age 15, worked as a missionary from age 10 and served as Pastor of two Churches. Listen and you'll agree, her powerful voice sends a message of spiritual hope, and an 'I love you' to the Lord.