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Haunted Halloween Music: 13+ Orchestral Soundscape
  • Artist: Richard Altenbach
  • UPC: 884502785210
  • Item #: 640513X
  • Genre: Seasonal
  • Release Date: 9/9/2010
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  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $14.63
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Haunted Halloween Music: 13+ Orchestral Soundscape on CD

As a horror fan, I enjoy the challenge of evoking a bit of a spooky, scary shock through music now and then, whether for purposes of accompanying a scene on film, or just for the unholy fun of it! These haunted themes, tunes, and ambient soundscapes were selected from my tome (or should I say 'tomb!') of self-composed horror music. This collection features a wide variety of dark moods, although in some cases a satirical tongue-in-cheek approach prevails, made more than evident by the titles describing these particular tracks. 'Possession' suggests an unsettling tale of a young child who has come into our realm to sow more than just a few bad seeds. 'Dark Fairy' seductively draws you into a seemingly lovely place, only to reveal a gloomier Fantasy World. 'Ghostly Theme' is an introductory song to a gothic ghost story. 'Apparition' takes you through the unnerving experience leading up to the eventual confrontation with the eponymous visitor ... can you tell at which point in the piece that meeting occurs?! 'Under the Bed' illustrates the feelings you might have experienced as a child when your lights were switched off! 'Gotcha...' is self-explanatory. 'Anguish' offers delightful images of angst, quiet terror, fear of bodily harm. 'Imp of the Perverse' is inspired by an Edgar Allan Poe essay of the same name; in this instance, the unwanted compulsion described is personified by an incarnate sprite. The pursuit of 'Stalking Feet' can never lead to anything wholesome. 'Lucid Dream' weaves you in and out of consciousness. 'Making of a Gargoyle' is a sort of how-to-primer on the subject. 'Who's There?' brings to heart a query you might ponder while wandering through vampire territory. 'Phantom's Opera' chills and thrills in an over-the-top, quirky kind of way! 'Creature Feature' brings you back to those old late-night horror shows; tonight's offering, an encounter with a Bachiosaurus! Please enjoy these little musical monstrosities in the disembodied spirit in which they are given! Richard Altenbach, Composer.