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Was Is
  • Artist: Richard Bliwas
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 700261241531
  • Item #: SRD124153
  • Genre: Jazz
  • Release Date: 5/20/2008
  • This product is a special order
Price: $22.18
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Was Is on CD

Rising Rose Records Was Is Layers of charming ghost-like drifting vocals and dreamy electric piano and organ. Mesmerizing, occasionally totally spaced out ... Downtown Music Gallery - May 2008 Haunting, inventive, engrossing, on acid ( in a good way), multi-enjoyable, challenging and innovative. Never Ending Wonder Radio- June 2008 Spacey loungey glitch-jazz songs - (has anyone coined 'glitch-jazz' before?). Kinda like Robert Wyatt meets The Books with the next door neighbors listening to Sun Ra... Brent Wilcox KEUL music director- July 2008 Was Is has charted # 1 on 5/27/08 - CFRU Jazz chart, # 5 KEUL 6/29/08 and is being played on many other great stations like WFMU,WNYU, CMAT, WCBN, WVOF, KUNM, Radio Crystal Blue and more . Rubber Vendor * vending machines, ghosts... Wire Doll * intricately insane Chance * future blues Forest Story * an earthy psychedelic 21st century fairy tale - Gorby Block* fantasy, Gorbachev motorcade --a modern urban odyssey with a Sebastian/Wilson inspired spirit Morning Light * Beethoven's pastoral meets Pink Floyd Mostly Movies * poetic mellifluous textures Foreign Music * steam of consciousness Frontier * americana by way of Dylan --- that is Thomas Equinox * masterpiece of crazy organic inevitability pulled off with impeccable musical style and wit Town * deeper into the Was Is looking glass Aftertown * take a sip Spring * a baseball dream, transformations Gray Song * classic cool and strange Peace Song * great piano playing --- Beatlesque peace and love vocals His Writing is unmistakably original All About Jazz Striking Sense of organization Cadence Magazine Truly gifted pianist and songwriter Downtown Music Gallery Bliwas transforms intricate phrases into seamless music that has flow to go along with the freedom he exhibits in his playing Cadence Magazine Bliwas walks the line between jazz and folk-rock with confidence producing a dialectic sound that compliments rather than conflicts Shredding Paper Incessantly Successful All About Jazz ( Italy ) Wonderfully Talented The Big Takeover.

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