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What Kind of Dog Am I
  • Artist: Robbie Long
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 822371131974
  • Item #: SRD113197
  • Genre: Children's
  • Release Date: 9/15/2009
  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $18.28

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What Kind of Dog Am I on CD

'WHAT KIND OF DOG AM I ?" is a joyous, uplifting, and often poignant romp thru the world as a dog might see it. These songs celebrate the everyday marvels and mishaps of the modern pooch, as they remind us to "Keep On Waggin' !" It's aim is to lift the spirits of dog lover's of all breeds, to make children and family howl happily together, and to get the rest of us to tap our toes while giving the K-9 Kind the pat on the back it's due. Songwriter and singer Robbie Long let's his inner dog off the leash and out of the gate and invites the listener to join the wild adventure ! Featured songs include "What Kind Of Dog Am I?"---a jubilant Cajun-flavored salute to the amazing multi-varieites of dog-dom. ("my nose is pink, my face is black, one ear stands up, the other lies flat---so what kind of dog am I?.) Let's hear it for the uniqueness of each special dog!! "The Green Tennis Ball" paints a portrait of a pooch that's ever-alert, ever-ready, ever-patiently waiting for the miracle of someone just to toss his primal green tennis ball. Other songs include "When I'm Down In The DogDish (Leave My Tail Alone!)---a wry account of a dog's total sense of loyalty and it's need for personal space. "I Love To Run" expresses the pure exuberance of the pack runnin' free. "Pet Me, Scratch Me, Feed Me" is a tug at the heart ballad that shamelessly pleads for The Love. "Turn Around Three Times" is what they do before they find their spot and 'flop their body down'. The salsa latin-flavored "Every Dog Has It's Day" dances the happy life in the day of the dog. "Cats! Cats! Cats!" is a journey thru the canine mind as it deals with that most strange, mysterious, and vexing roommate---the cat! "Let's Talk Dog !" grooves us to a funky, spirited choir of canines getting down with their own kind. This collection of songs would not be complete without the Dog giving it's due respect to the People. Thus the soul gospel doggie street choir singing "I Love My Person". And finally, just as in real life, even when our "tired tail is draggin'----our good dog always reminds us to "Keep On Waggin' !" If while playing these songs, the listener should start uncontrollably barking, howling or running in circles attempting to chase a tail that is not there---the writer claims no personal, spiritual, or legal responsibility! Also, if your dog should witness you behaving in these extreme manners---by all means invite that special pal to join in the fun! Enjoy!