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Robert Shaun Beebe
  • Artist: Robert Shaun Beebe
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479370717
  • Item #: CDBY937071
  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: 8/15/2006
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Robert Shaun Beebe on CD

Bio Robert Shaun Beebe: Well, were do I start? I'm the youngest of four children. I have two wonderful sisters, Lynée and Jayne, and a great brother, Colton. We were raised on a farm in central Washington by our awesome parents, Robert (Bob) and Barbara. We weren't rich by any means, at times you might say we were quite the opposite, but we were rich with love for each other. My love for music started at a very young age. On my second birthday I got my first guitar. It was one of those little plastic crank guitars that had the record inside that played when you cranked the handle. I probably drove everyone crazy playing the same songs over and over again but I can't remember ever being told to stop. I do remember sneaking up on stage at the local Grange meetings and singing at the top of my lungs until I was pulled off stage and banished to the basement till the meeting was over. My family is a family of singers. I remember singing four part harmonies with my dad, mom, and brother while we milked the cows. I guess we weren't too bad... at least the cows didn't complain. At the age of ten I bought my first acoustic guitar and started to teach myself how to play. When I was twelve I bought my first electric guitar and a little amplifier. I'm sure my mom and dad loved the noise I made with that...I still have that old guitar. At eighteen I wrote and produced my first full length album. I'm sure you'll have a hard time finding one of those being sold on ebay. That was during the days of the eight track tapes... I actually still have some of those. As the years seemed to fly by I played at several clubs, fairs, community days, dude ranches, basically any place there were people to listen... at times I even played just for myself. In 1990 I met my beautiful wife Courtney, a true southern bell from Alabama. We met in Juneau, Alaska while she was on vacation and I was acting in a musical melodrama. For me it was love at first sight and she's just as beautiful today as she was the day I first met her. We got married in 1991, the same year I released a cassette entitled 'My Alabama Baby' which I wrote for Courtney. After a year in Juneau we moved to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue my career in music. I worked at Opryland where I was fortunate enough to meet and borrow the talents of many wonderful musicians while recording two more CDs featuring original songs. I even performed 'My Alabama Baby' on the Grand Ole Opry Stage. In 1995 we were gifted with the birth of our beautiful daughter Blythe. I can't say enough about her. The song 'Blythey', is a song we wrote for her on the day she was born. She lights up our lives every day and is now becoming quite a guitar player. We love playing together and were honored when asked to play at the Washington State Governor's Mansion for a fund raiser held there for the Washington State Law Enforcement Memorial. We also played together at the National Peace Officers Memorial in Washington DC. We now live on the coast of Washington where I'm finally getting back into my music with the help of many wonderful friends. Thanks for the encouragement. The songs on my CD: My Alabama Baby Written By Robert Shaun Beebe 11/90 My Alabama Baby was written for a beautiful girl I saw for the first time on July 4,1990 and it was love at first sight. I was living in Juneau, Alaska and she was the true southern bell from Birmingham, Alabama on vacation in Alaska.. I asked her to marry me on the fourth day we were together and she said yes. I wrote this song and sang it to her as she walked down the aisle at our wedding April 13, 1991. Like A Knight In Shining Armor Written By Robert Shaun Beebe 2/12/91 This song grew from the line... "And we'd do the things you can only do in dreams". I was acting in a musical melodrama and I thought the idea of a knight on a white horse saving the day would be a great story line for a fairy tale based song. Say a Prayer For Momma Written By Robert Shaun Beebe and Colton Beebe 11/91-10/93 This song originated from a grocery receipt that my brother Colton wrote the lines.... "Say a prayer for momma, say a prayer all those momma knew"... on the back of. The song that grew from those few ideas became an anthem for our wonderful mother who passed away November 13, 1991. It took me two years to control my emotions enough to perform the song for anyone. She was a great lady who will always be missed. Double Bladed Sword Written By Robert Shaun Beebe 6/84 My buddy Rick and I had just had our long time girlfriends break up with us and I think it was Rick who said, "Man it's like she ran a sword right through me." I picked up my guitar and the song just poured out from our broken hearts... This is one of my "Love em and Leave em" songs... where they loved me and left me. The Promise Written By Robert Shaun Beebe and Courtney Beebe 1993 I had pictured in my mind a couple that had been together for years and then they split up. The story line puts the guy at a party where he overhears some of their old friends talking about how she still loves him after he finally came to the conclusion there's no chance of them getting back together... But then he hears those old friends talkin'... Dynamite Written By Robert Shaun Beebe I was watching a talk show and they were interviewing Kenny Logins. Kenny was talking about his divorce and how it just made his heart break into thousands of pieces, like it had exploded. I took that mental picture and ran with it and ended up with this song. Sad Songs Written By Robert Shaun Beebe 12/1/1980 Once again one of those "Love em and leave em" songs. This young lady and I had been living together and just before Christmas we went our separate ways. I was kind of confused as to why the relationship had to end as it asks in the lines of the song that question, "What did I do that was so wrong... Why do you make me write sad songs?" Finally Found Me That Woman Written By Robert Shaun Beebe 7/17/1981 This is a love song about a girl I had fallen in love with in junior high school, admired from a far in high school, and finally after being out of school for five years, being able to get over my shyness and tell her how I felt about her for all those years. We had two great weeks of becoming very good friends and after almost twenty-five years we're still great friends and she'll always have a very special place in my heart. Washington Written By Robert Shaun Beebe and Lynee Beebe Carpenter 4/1/1986 What can I say about this song in just a few lines? The reason my sister Lynee and I wrote this song is because at the time there was talk about trying to make "Louie, Louie" the state song. It's true 'Louie, Louie' is a great song but it just doesn't say anything about the wonderful state of Washington. When you listen to this one just sit back, put your feet up, close your eyes, and take a virtual tour of what I think is the most beautiful state in the union. But You Know That I Love You Written By Robert Shaun Beebe and Lynee Beebe Carpenter 7/23/1979 Lynee and I got together at her house one day and thought it would be fun to write a duet. We pictured a couple who still loved each other but the "hopes and dreams and promises" they envisioned when they were young never materialized. When you enter into a marriage just remember you signed on for the full meal deal and at times it's not going to be the picture you had painted in the back of your mind when you said, " I Do." Sometimes you have to step back and look at the picture from another view. Live, Love, Forgive. Captive Of Your Love Written By Robert Shaun Beebe 12/7/1979 Just a song that I wanted to do with a little different approach. My sisters said I should put kind of a mystic, Native American flavor to this one. I got together with a bunch of guys down in Nashville and gave them my ideas and we had a lot of fun creating the sound. Hope you like it. Blythey Written By Robert Shaun Beebe and Courtney Beebe 8-18-1995 This is a song we wrote about our beautiful daughter on the day she was born. I think everyone will enjoy this one. Carved In Stone Written By Robert Shaun Beebe 11-24-2005 I wrote this song to honor the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty and to their families and friends who are left with the memories of how they lived. God Bless them every one. Friends Written By Robert Shaun Beebe 6/1979 Back in the day I had done some things that some folks might not have agreed were my best life choices. Actually some opted to seek a different path. I feel that's why there's more than one path through life and you have to experience which path you feel more comfortable on. This song is dedicated to the ones who have stuck with me through thick and thin, rich and poor, and still remain some of my most precious friends. Thanks for believing in me. Thanks to all of you for taking the time to read my Bio and the brief descriptions of my songs. Give them a listen, I think you'll like what you hear.

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