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All or Nuttin
  • Artist: Rosebudd
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479964725
  • Item #: SRD996472
  • Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
  • Release Date: 4/13/2004
  • This product is a special order
Price: $14.69
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All or Nuttin on CD

Rosebudd is a Male/Female duo whose love for hip hop spands many years. The group consists of M.C.'s Iron Petalz (Tina R.Spears)& producer/arranger RedSkull (James M.Robinson). 'We vow to keep it as different as possible from other 'Southern rap acts', says RedSkull. With a range of tracks form hard edge to soft and warm arrangements, Rosebudd covers the spectrum of the Southern experience. With deep roots in original Hip Hop,RoseBudd looks foward to growing and learning from and about all genres of music and will keep trying to push the envelope of they're creative scope, this is just the beginning. Coming from, a perspective of Texas bred M.C.'s,where we had to fight a little harder to be heard. 'HipHop has come along way and we came a long way with it and love it like it loves us.' 'We really like to express ourselves in our music.' says RedSkull,'If you wanted the same thing over and over then everybody would keep buying the same album.' 'And we feel like the music biz likes to play it safe too much,'.'So we gotta give it to you different.' Iron Petalz hailing from San Antonio,Tx has been a long time fan of hip hop and was a skilled beat box champ,takin out local 'boyz',has always followed closely the evolution of Rap and poetry as well as social political movements. She represents the 'Female M.C.', not buying into sterotypical ideas of what female M.C.s should sound like.'I want folks to feel what I'm say'in',says I.P. RedSkull comes from Houston,Tx with roots in Hip Hop long as a Oak Tree's.Having received instruction in beat making from some of the games hottest producers,R.S. combines several techniques to create a representation of how the artist feels at the time.' I'm not afraid to listen to folks,what they have to say I take and flip it to a positive result, so that in the end they get what they want.' With very special guest Texas Trill,King 13,Prince Dominique as well as Big A,'All or Nuttin' has a very diverse contrast and is sure to hit home on a few subjects.

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