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Less Is More
  • Artist: Spam (Holiq & Manifesto)
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • UPC: 884501370660
  • Item #: SRD137066
  • Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
  • Release Date: 8/24/2010
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Less Is More on CD

S.P.A.M: Holiq and Mannyfesto were roommates in North County San Diego 2007. Manny featured Holiq on his full length solo album titled FE means Fatih (2008) on a song called 'Cali Roll' produced by Stel 72. After getting on Mannyfesto's inspiring album the Hip Hop scene begged for more Holiq and Mannyfesto. With a batch of beats from a deejay Holiq knew by the name of Dj Taze (Beatclinic), Holiq decided to shoot it to 'Festo to see what he thought about a few songs. Manny ended up liking the whole batch and they ended up recording the whole album in a few months. After a breakfast of spam, eggs and rice they agreed to name their movement after the processed can food that gets opened every four seconds and is as American as apple pie. Spam is a Hormel food product that gets manufactured here in the U.S and is huge in the Pacific Islands  (Guam, Hawaii, Etc.) They wanted it to be more of an 'In your face!' statement then instantly an acronym was assembled: Serving People American Meat. Holiq is Guamanian where spam is very popular amongst Pacific Islanders and Manny liked the social and political connotations of this canned processed American food and the acronym they came up with. Mannyfesto is Chicano of Mexican descent and Holiq from Guam so they each have a unique perspective on the struggles to make it out here in the United States of America and so they decided to share with 'the people,' what it's like living here through Hip Hop. This is how S.P.A.M came to be and the group is already wrapping up the second album produced entirely by Columbus, Ohio sensation Choz1n, called 'Gourmet.' Now the group is currently looking to start working on the third installment from these southern California emcees who plan to deliver S.P.A.M albums annually every summer. Mannyfesto: Mannyfesto aka Manny Mics burst onto the San Diego hip hop scene operating out of Escondido, California in 2003. After releasing a short EP entitled 'Emanuel Transmissions' he made a name for himself putting together events on a regular basis and playing shows sometimes every night. He was hosting a weekly hip hop show at a bar at only 19 yrs old and was terrorizing the backyard party scene in North County San Diego as Manny honed in on his craft and really sharpened his skills. He has a deep and penetrating style that relates to his listeners on a number of levels and different topics. He's an organic writer and very studious person and so he excelled in Hip Hop naturally. He came together with Kontains Jazz (kntajus) and DJ Tango and formed the group called Grape St Blues late 2004. Kontains Jazz mentored Mannyfesto in the art of recording, mixing, and using pro tools since KJ had graduated with a degree in sound engineering from the Musician's Institute in Los Angeles. GSB made a lot of noise and sold units all over the North America and Europe and they toured extensively throughout the west coast, southwest and Mexico. Manny and K.J moved downtown San Diego in 2006 and were heavily involved in the San Diego Hip Hop scene and throughout southern California. Manny had always worked with friend and partner in rhyme Moses1 even before GSB, so they teamed up and finished Foreign Eminence (2007) with production from friends Kontains Jazz, Stel72, Adikt1 and others on this full length LP from the legendary group from NCSD. In 2008 Mannyfesto released his first full length solo album titled FE means Faith produced by Stel72 with songs by Replenished Thoughts and Kontains Jazz as well. The solo album solidified Mannyfesto as an emcee in the game as he toured the US and Mexico again and continued to sell units abroad and throughout North America. Now S.P.A.M is the next chapter for Manny on this long and stony ride, this time around he's a college student. His intentions are to teach, help, and be a champion for the people. Constant progress is what moves him and as a result he's become a work-a-holic on his mission to quench his thirst to find challenges to triumph all in the name of the cause. Holiq: Holiq was born in Guam in 1987, and lived most of his life in the South side of San Diego, 92154. He was introduced to Hip Hop in 6th grade by his bigger brother Chris. Only it wasn't the mic he grabbed first... It was a marker. He Began writing graffiti in the lowest parts of San Diego. Destroying the city in a fight for the top. Tempers flared throughout the graff scene in SD and graffiti wasn't about expressing art anymore. Listening to classic Hip Hop played by his brother like; Gangstarr's 'Moment of Truth,' Dead Prez's 'Let's Get Free,' and De La Soul's 'AOI Bionix,' helped Holiq get through the ups and downs of life as a young teen. Around the same time the cans were spraying Chris and his own group called, 'Cyber Dyne,' would freestyle around Holiq constantly. It was Holiq's sophomore year in high school when he wrote his first real verse and truly felt it had potential. His senior year in 2005 HQ met a deejay that would change everything: Dj Deprave. Deprave had already been in the game DJing and producing long before Holiq even set foot in the scene. Deprave was responsible for shooting HQ his first official beat and recording his first official track, 'Intruder Alert.' HQ's voice meshed perfect with the content of Depraves conscious production. Within about 6 months they established a connection through music. After fine tuning their message they formed a new way of thinking and called it, 'A Vantage Point View.' From 2005-2008 they sent positive vibrations throughout Southern California and beyond.