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Coming of Age the EP.
  • Artist: Saige Walker
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479184390
  • Item #: 203511X
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 1/17/2006
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Coming of Age the EP. on CD

Saige Walker Looking down the double barrel of a sawed off shotgun is no laughing matter as singer songwriter Saige Walker found out the hard way, when he was younger. Prone to sing and dance since birth, life looked grim as a blast struck him in the corner of his mouth. 'I thought I was dead,' Saige recalls. 'All I could hear was my heart beating. I tried to put everything together and I realized I hadn't died. The medics kept saying, 'You should be dead. There's a reason and purpose why you're alive.' That reason and purpose was to entertain and enlighten millions of music fans. Born and raised in Southwest Florida, Saige knew he wanted to sing and dance all of his life. 'I was born with an innate rhythm,' he acknowledges. In fact, a young Saige would often find himself standing in front of his mirror mimicking the insatiable dance moves of Michael Jackson until he had absorbed every nuance 'like a sponge.' At age 3, Saige surprised his parents at a concert the family attended when he planted himself in the front of the stage next to the lead singer, pretending to play his ukulele with one working string that his father found in the neighbor's trash. The next day little Saige was on the front page of the local newspaper. After years of dancing and performing all over Florida, Big Papa himself, Lou Perlman, the man behind Backstreet Boys, N'Sync, and Britney Spears, took notice. Perlman, putting the finishing touches on Backstreet Boys at the time, was very interested in the young singer to round out the band, but Saige's parents felt their son was too young to take on such a big undertaking and wanted him to concentrate on school. Although Saige's dream didn't end there as modeling and acting jobs soon followed, all the while concentrating on his music. Writing a variety of songs over the past two years, Saige takes his life experiences and turns them into inspiring music. 'Situations that I've been through inspire me; different sides of life, the way I look at things, from girlfriends to self-esteem, to what is going on in our society today. We're in such hard and troubled times right now with what's going on in the Middle East and what's going on in America that I think it's good to be able to take a huge breath and be able to enjoy our lives and be thankful for what we do have. This is music that gives you the opportunity to do just that...' Inspired to work as a missionary at the age of 3, Saige has always wanted to help and inspire others. 'I wanted to be a missionary because I felt that my life, and who I am, has a purpose and a meaning, and there is a message that I'm supposed to deliver. But then I realized there's a way to carry a message through entertainment. Being able to do that is a blessing.' Teamed with producer Chris Johnson (Evanescence, Hilary Duff), Saige has crafted songs that immediately make you want to move. Writing all his own material, Saige has also been working recently with Grammy award-winning songwriter Preston Glass to flesh out new material. Songs such as 'Torture' (produced by Brandon Christy) and 'God's Creature' (co-produced by Kieth Armstrong, one of the music businesses most talented engineer, who has worked with recently Jessica Simpson, Ryan Cabrera. Jessie McCartney....) are destined to elate listeners, while 'Calling All Freaks' is more than a song title; it's a call to arms. 'It's a party song about letting go and not having to think about the daily struggles and where the world is at,' Saige explains. 'I'm calling everybody to take that position and just let go, have fun, and be one and rejoice in what we do have.' That sentiment was heard loud and clears when Saige made an impromptu appearance on the Rick Dees KISS FM morning show. Breaking 'Calling All Freaks' first, the song soon raced up the most requested charts eventually becoming the station's sixth most requested song. On the track ' Divine' written by Preston Glass aka (Rated Pg) Saige sings, 'It's alright if your feeling unaccepted, it's ok, if there's doubts in your mind, it's alright to feel lonely and rejected, as long as you know your Divine.' ' In this 5 song Ep, I really wanted to have a body of music that gets underneath the skin of a coming of age time period in my particular life. 'I feel that this song represents not just what my young peers are feeling everyday but what we as people, every color, every background, every age are feeling in today's society and no matter what we may come up against the only thing that matters at the end of the day is that we are all Divine' A former celebrity limousine driver, Saige confesses that experience 'brought me down closer to Earth.' Passengers that befriended him along the way include actress Michele Lee, and producer/rapper Kanye West. Saige admits that driving a limo taught him that the music industry is a 'hustle-game.' Life is a 'Hustle' ' I always wanted to cover, Michael Jackson's, 'P.Y.T.' pretty young thing in my career and when the opportunity came up with producer Chris Johnson, I jumped at it.' Again teamed with producer Chris Johnson on P.Y.T. Saige brings to the table an uncanny performance not missing a beat and through it all keeping the innocence, yet sex appeal that is the x factor missing in pop culture music today. ' James Ingram is one of the most amazing writers around.' 'He and Quincy Jones gifted us with a masterpiece that is timeless.' Looking for a long-lasting career, Saige's music is sure to inspire fans for years to come. I hope I'm creating music that mirrors my life,' he reflects, 'and I hope it mirrors society through my lyrics and experiences. To me, the most important thing as an artist is to help other people and society; to give hope through music. Energy and innocence are lost in music today, and I want to bring them back to pop music.'

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